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by irlandaise

Review: My husband and I ate here ONE time and haven't been back. To be fair, the ambiance was cozy, food was okay, looked really pretty when it was served, but the portions were microscopic! We were totally shocked when he bill came! They even charged for the water they served us! Not to mention my dessert; $9.00 for a martini glass full of chopped mango and coconut shavings (it came with some fancy name that made it sound exotic)! I'm really not one to fuss about the price of a nice dinner out, but this was outlandish for what we actually got. All told, the bill was upwards of $80 - and we didn't even order wine!


Posted by Hugo on Friday, February 22, 2013
I have just read your comments about these restaurants because I was curious to see your thaughts being that I have dined at four of them. I noticed that you wrote that you don't usually fuss about price but it seems as though you have in each review. So just to shed some light that firstly Spiritland Bistro and Mary's Secret Garden are both "ORGANIC" Bistros. So on that note I am wondering if you may or may not realize the cost of ORGANIC produce wich by the way is AT LEAST 4 or 3 times as much. So to pay $12 for a regular sized ORGANIC salad is actually resonable. But I must say when I saw the comment that you made that FOLLOW YOUR HEART is pricey. Wow thier prices are comprable to Denny's because so is thier food. I think that they are a sad excuse for vegan food but thier prices are DEFINETLY resonable. Either Way i just thaught I could shed some light and inform you that I am an organic chef and you would be amazed how much money is spent on organic food especially when it is being prepared in a classic or artistic way. For the most part I feel people appreicate the organic food and have no trouble with the price because freshness and love are the first to flavors they taste. Peace and light
Posted by irlandaise on Friday, February 22, 2013
Well, Hugo, I certainly seem to have hit a nerve! I'm GUESSING you're in some way (professionally) affiliated with "Mary's Secret garden" - maybe you're the chef? Considering you're from Ventura, your website is, and the only review you've written on Happy Cow is for Mary's Secret Garden, I think you may be a little biased. If I were in your place, I would probably try to encourage the dissatisfied customer to give your restaurant another try and do everything possible to make their second experience a positive one. I have no problem with spending extra for a special meal, in a nice place, with delicious food, but when I leave dissatisfied with the food and feeling light in my wallet I mark it down as a one-time experience.
I actually am very familiar with ORGANIC produce and ORGANIC restaurants - and yes there can be a price difference, but not as extreme as you paint it. And just to set the record straight, I did in fact say that Follow Your Heart restaurant in Canoga Park had "VERY AFFORDABLE" pricing (and EXCELLENT food!)
And FYI, the word "thOUght" is not spelled with an 'a' ("thAUght"). Just THOUGHT you'd like to know.
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