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by kindlizard

Review: Well, the title does say it all. Let me explain, but first I will try to say something positive, though it may be useless since we couldn't eat the food. The waiter refilled our water often. He also offered us a free dessert for the problem, though he should have taken it off our bill or to re-make the food. The Hot & Sour soup, which I get everywhere in the country, when ever I can, was average, if not a touch above average. It was better than most, only because most use a mix that is terrible. It was not anywhere near being great, just good. If I were to go back, which we will never do, I don't think it would draw me to it again. But that said, it was the only edible food of the night. The steamed dumplings were awful, consisting of glass thread noodles and cilantro (2 cheap and unexciting fillings for dumplings ~ esp at $7) and were very small. I rarely am disinterested in dumplings, and these were boring and the texture was off as was the taste. The true abomination came with out entrees. Are you familiar with those little jars of minced garlic? Well apparently, so are they. Our two entrees, one being a sweet and sour dish, was COVERED in this. Each little strand of food was covered in 10 to 12 pieces of minced garlic. The sweet and sour dish was neither sweet nor sour. The big pieces of tomato and garlic made it seem Italian rather than Chinese. The ingredients looked cheap and unappetizing. We couldn't eat any of it. The second dish was a clay pot. The fact I ordered it bc it looked safe as a non-garlic dish, in fact, garlic isn't mentioned on the menu at all. It was not a clay pot, rather a stainless steel dish, in a puddle of soy sauce and COVERED AGAIN in minced garlic. I didn't even get to try how bad it was. I wish you could see how bad it looked. This is a joke. It is likely a reason why so many folks hate veggie food. This is among the worst places to eat in America, for $50 no less. A travesty. They even charge you for rice w your dish. I hope for their sake it was a high school kid cooking for his/her first time in the back. It was an outrage. When he asked us how things were, he did not offer to take it back, or to take it off the bill. We paid, but we won't be back. I didn't heed the previous reviews. They seemed lacking somehow. I thought it couldn't be that bad, like they must've had an axe to grind. This place is the worst in the area I've been to. I urge you to eat anything but this.


Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
Just want to really make sure y'all realize how disrespectful this place is to FOOD and people alike. This was tragic. Save yourself the time money and aggravation. Not cool...
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