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by poisonpuss

Review: atlas cafe. really. i liked the place. it curbed recent hunger pangs for a meat-like chew. and was always there for my cake face-stuffing needs. but this all came to a brief hault on wednesday night. i had not eaten the day before..after running 20 hours on fumes of past food particles in me tum, i ran to atlas for the usual Vegan morocanm chicken wrap. my favourite. i sat down and took an enourmous bite. but something seemed a bit off. that heavily textured chew was not present and my teeth new the meat was meat. chicken meat to be exact. maybe i was acting a little crazy since i was so famished. maybe its because i had a prior incident at Salsa Salsa in port jefferson. but i brought the meat in question to the counter and explained.. "i think this is chicken. am i wrong or is this chicken? it looks like chicken to me." the guy looked at it looked at me and said.. yep chicken. I LOST IT. i have not ingested animal flesh in quite some time and now i had pieces inside of me. i tried to remain calm,even though my nerves were already shakey from hunger.. but i said.. "youre calmly saying yes thats chicken? shoudlnt that matter?" the othe rman behind the counter let out a smirk and i started squalking like the very chicken inside of me. its one thing to be in a kitchen and make a mistake.. even if they serve vegan food and should check what they are sending out..if they actually care about their customers. i know doubt that. but to add insult to it, i didnt enjoy someone smirking and i was upset. they didnt say sorry. they didnt offer anything free. i demanded my money back. i would have left but i go there pretty often. but nothing. after more yelling and appologizing at some point, i made them give me a free sandwich and ate it. talked to some lovely 19 year olds who sympathized and left. NEVER TO GO THERE AGAIN. i will not eat food from cross contaminated kitchens. i dont want meat in my food. if i did id have my momma cook it. as good as the desserts are.. and as late as theyre open for a food fix at night. the service is crap unless badu is working. otherwise those dont care about anyones food choices. the place is there to make money off of vegans.. who could really trust a vegan/meat place anyway?


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