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by tallyvegan

Review: Granted, the food is good (despite being unbelievably greasy) but they are lying to their customers. I ate at Soul Veg for 3 years before I heard (from a former worker) that they use honey is most of their entrees. I never thought to ask before because on their cart and on their menu it clearly says "100% vegan". I then asked a worker and was told they do use honey. So, even though they say they are a "100% vegan" cart, I started asking when I ordered what did and didn't have honey. Every worker says something different! Very in consistent and technically a health code violation to not know the ingredients in the food. Some people have fatal honey allergies and to advertise as being "100% vegan" when you knowingly have an animal ingredient (not vegan) in your food could land someone in the hospital. So irresponsible and unethical on Soul Veg's part. I've ordered something one day, being reassured it was vegan, and the next day go to order the same thing and surprise, surprise, "Oh, that has honey in it." I've asked a number of workers if they could please write a list of the foods with honey and post it on the cart so people who avoid honey for health or ethical reasons knew what foods to avoid. I was told they would consider it but it basically ended their. It wouldn't be hard to do but I've gathered that they do not want people knowing they use honey. A fellow strict vegan friend of mine posted on their facebook page asking if they could please at least post on their facebook page what has honey. Her comment was deleted. It just seems weird... it wouldn't be that hard to tell people what ingredients you use. The workers are so sweet and if they replaced the honey with sugar or agave nectar, it would be the best vegan food in Tallahassee. I wish I could give them my business but I think it's so disrespectful to tell your customers there are no animal ingredients in your food but then go and put an obvious animal ingredient in your food especially when said animal ingredient could easily be replaced with plain sugar or agave nectar. I'm not saying Soul Veg should stop using honey because I personally don't eat honey - it's ridiculous for me to expect every business to cater to my personal dietary choices. But I think if they choose to use honey, they should not have "100% vegan" written on their cart and menu. It's misleading and could really hurt someone with a serious allergy, not to mention exploit customers who put their trust in them.


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