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Review: Been here a couple of times. Once at lunch and once for breakfast. Lunch: the menu was expansive and varied and catered well for vegans. All pretty tasty. Good experience overall and was very excited to come back on the next trip to Melbourne. Breakfast: a lot more limited - only had 3 vegan options. They seem to have a fascination with eggs. I ordered a couple of soy coffees and realised on the first sip that they gave me dairy instead. They did quickly fix this but... c'mon. Same as what everyone here is saying: funky place, service not the best. What really angered me last time was that we had practically a full meal remaining and asked for a take home bag only to be told they dont do that because "it's unsustainable." Right - let's throw away a complete meal because that's sustainable. If they want sustainable then how about starting by ditching the dairy and eggs. That left a sour note so probably won't be back! (Nonetheless in the spirit of fairness I'm leaving a 4cow rating even though I feel like leaving a 1cow rating)


Posted by claireabella on Thursday, May 17, 2012
Hiya, just wanted to write a quick response about the inability to let you take your paid for left overs. The health department have gone way too far and taken it to a new extreme. According to the health regulations no cafe or restaurant is permitted to allow customers to take home their left overs. Somehow, they make the distinction between a meal that you have paid for and had delivered to your table v's something that is take away and quickly thrown into a container.
Of course it's all linked into the letigious nature of modern life and people getting sued if they get sick. Apparently we can not make the correct decisions about correct storage in the fridge, ways to re-heat or how quickly we should eat this food. Therefore no doggy bags for anyone.
Strange that they cited sustainability as the reason. Such a waste. When we are already throwing out billions of dollars of food annually, it's just crazy to throw out perfectly good food. Try explaining that to the starving millions around the globe.
I'm ranting! But it's not a veggie bar thing ( no I don't work there). I love it when places actually go against the rules and give you a doggie bag anyway. I've been traveling in Asia for 11 months and don't think twice now about getting the remainder of my meal to go. Thinking about the situation back home makes me remember how crazy it is! Take care, Claire :)
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