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by MaitreyaBelmore

Review: I went to Tian Ci on a strong recommendations of a friend who said they have the best vegetarian yum cha in Sydney. So off I went with a great expectation, but the yum cha dishes fell awfully short. Firstly, you have to wait more than 30 mins to get the dishes out. When the dishes finally arrived, they don't look as good. The har gau (vegetarian prawn dumplings) looked frail and the pastry looking not fresh and broken, then the taste was just absolutely bland and not fresh. The same thing happenned with their sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, vegetable dumplings, and the vegetable BBQ pork buns. Really disappointing. Later I had a strong feeling that those yum cha dishes were probably already frozen and heated as ordered. But why took so long to serve? I have tasted much better - the best yum cha is still Green Gourmet at Newtown! Another day I came at around 2:30pm and the waiter told me that the kitchen already closed (well they wrote their closing time is supposedly 3pm) and the chef could not make anything for me. After I begged (since I had to travel 1 hour to get there), the waiter finally agreed to cook one dish for me but not to dine in, but only to take away. I chose the lunch special, crispy soy chicken with rice. It looked good and tastes good too. But I felt disappointed by the service and the yum cha. This is a thought: Opening a vegetarian restaurant is supposedly not for profit, but more to promote vegetarianism/veganism by giving convenience to fellow vegetarians/vegans and people who started to learn to be a vegetarian. We are doing our bits to contribute to this earth, and since we know being vegetarian is still quite difficult for most people, vegetarian restaurants are there to provide convenience so more and more people will be willing to be vegetarians, right? But why, most vegetarian and vegan restaurants have to open late at 11am and then to closed between 3pm-5pm? This is not a total convenience for some who did not have time to lunch by midday. Maybe because there is only one chef in the kitchen? But it does not make sense...... Think about this, restaurant owners! You carries a noble task to propagate vegetarianism to everyone! So do it with all your heart! If your motivation to open a vegetarian restaurant is profit, then you are absolutely lost!


Posted by Lanky on Friday, October 22, 2010
I have a couple of points:
try adding some salt. Food at many vegetarian reataurants taste bland because they go way too low on salt, thinking that that is healtheier.
I have a question, if they dont make profit, how do they pay the rent? how do they pay their staff? how do they pay themselves?
Also, it should be noted that the second half of your review is completely nonsensical... if profit were their only motivation, then they would serve you without hesitation at 2.30pm. The fact that they close for a couple of hours shows that rest is more important to them than making a couple extra bucks.
Posted by TheVeganOfAus on Sunday, September 22, 2013
Wow MaitreyaBelmore. That's quite a call to expect others to operate non-profit. If they all did that I suspect there'd be many less listings on Happy Cow.

Each to their own. If *you* want to "contribute to the earth" then please consider living and promoting vegan.
Posted by VeggieLover911 on Saturday, November 9, 2013
We go to this restaurant at least once a week for yum cha and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! There have been times when the service has been slow due to volume, but about 95% of the time it's great! I would definitely recommend it for yum cha! The prices are great too! In our opinion, and contrary to MaitreyaBelmore, we feel the yum cha at Green Gourmet, Newtown is greasy, heavy and, I think that it's really a matter of taste and just depends what you personally like! Also...completely agree TheVeganOfAus on the non-profit issue!!! Think that the generalisation that, "Opening a vegetarian restaurant is supposedly not for profit" is just that...a generalisation and quite off-base!
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