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Respond to Review of My Thai Vegan Cafe
by A.Z.P.

Review: This place used to be "Original's Buddha Delight" and I really loved it. When I reviewed it I called it an "Asian Beantown Treat". No More. Those days are over. 2 days in a row recently Ive had absolutely awful dining experiences. First the food. I once wrote "The food leaves you with a very pleasant and distinct flavour without having to hit you over the head with it." Those days are gone. Since their renovation their Vietnamese/Chinese menu is now a Thai/Chinese menu and the flavors are overpowering/horrible. Both tofus we tried were unbearably potent. Sucking on 2 lemons at once wouldve been less sour than the Sweet and Sour Tofu and the Tom Yum Tow-Hoo Tofu tasted like the chef had a party with a spice rack and put it on a plate. Both the Lemongrass beef and hot & sour soup were above average, but this hardly made up for other mistakes, like the Basil chicken had almost no vege chicken in it (5 tiny pieces). The same with the shrimp fried rice (an even smaller and more appalling 4 pieces). But as disappointing as the food was, the rest was much worse. The first day our waiter completely disappeared. The second night, first they screwed up our order and then when we got it, it was cold (we asked them to warm itup, but the english there now is minimal and they struggled to understand our request). Secondly because we ordered alot there wasnt enough room on the table. When the waiter came with our food instead of putting it on an empty table and then connecting it to ours (and there were many empty tables) he decided to stand over us like the statue of liberty and glare at us for not having enough room (eventually myself and a friend had to get up and do it ourselves while the waiter looked on angrily at what took us so long). Lastly, at the end the waiter literally threw the check at our table. No "would you like a dessert" or even a "thank you". Theservice wasnt bad, it was laughably bad. As for the enviroment formerly a big complaint here was that it wasnt very classy. The changes they made are spurious like forks with 3 prongs instead of 4 and of course the prices have increase so for that 1less prong you pay 3 dollars more a dish. Lastly the orange Juice (which was half ice) was the worst orange juice ive had anywhere. (Hawaaiin punch has more fruit in it than this did). But in general the state of this restaurantis deplorable. It is a sad day in boston as one of the best vegetarian asian restaurants on the east coast has gone down the drain.


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