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by Dazzle59

Review: I am a vegan who has lived in Santa Fe for 15 years. Despite Santa Fe's reputation of being a "new age mecca," our dining scene isn't particularly vegan-friendly. You can get an ovo-lacto vegetarian meal just about anywhere, but organic vegan is more difficult. I used to love Body Cafe, with its calming, Zen-like feel and its focus on freshly prepared, vegetarian food. I ate there at least twice a month. Then things changed ... bison and chicken were added to the menu (pandering to carnivores?) and the quality of the food and table service took a nosedive. My last few visits left me quite disappointed. I haven't been back in over a year, and have found new places to eat in Santa Fe (Thai Vegan, Vinaigrette). If Body Cafe has gotten its old sparkle back, please let me know!


Posted by Dazzle59 on Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Hi Gio - thanks for your comment. You are right - ever since the change in management last year, Body Cafe has served more animal foods (including lamb). With no veg*n restaurants in Santa Fe, though, Body remains one of the only places that serves organic raw and vegan food. The service can be unpredictable and very slow in the dining room, so I mostly order and pay at the counter and eat in the self-serve dining area. Meals are delivered to your table but you get your own water, tea, coffee etc. My new favorite entree is the Roots and Greens (steamed yams, kale and marinated tempeh with ginger sauce). Best regards - dazzle
Posted by greenshakti on Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Hi Dazzle:) There are two wonderful vegetarian restaurants in Santa Fe... The Tree House, and Annapurna. Both are listed here on HappyCow. If we want to support the vegan ideal, we may want to support those, rather than sending the message to baby-sheep killers that it is ok. Blessings.
PS. your food from Body most likely is contaminated with animal products. The roots & greens was one of my faves too, but I prefer to know that there is no dead flesh in it so I make it @home now!
Posted by Dazzle59 on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hi greenshakti, thanks for your note. I do agree with what you said and am bothered that there is flesh being served at Body. In fact I am bugged that there is flesh served at Whole Foods, and La Montanita, and the Farmer's Market ... I would give my eyeteeth for an organic vegan restaurant in Santa Fe. Has Annapurna reopened? Not my favorite place (I find it expensive and bland) but will try it again if they are open. I have been to the Tree House, but didn't realize it was totally veg. Blessings and thanks for the info. dazzle
Posted by Gio on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hi, in the happy body menu they have had lamb for the last year. They called it "lamburger"
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