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by Sandy M

Review: are using to make the donuts. I called the store several months ago and at least at the time of me call the sugar is not vegan: Hi! After seeing the reviews of how fantastic the donuts are at Ronald's, I really wanted to go. One of the reviews here mentioned C&H Sugar packets at Ronald's (which is bone char processed sugar, so Not vegan) The reviewer went on to say they didn't ask Ronald if he used C&H in making the donuts. So I did; the next day I was curious and called Ronald's, I asked their store hours and I asked what kind of sugar they use in their vegan donuts, Ronald said "we use C&H sugar". I explained to the owner that C&H is bone charred so isn't vegan informed him that there are other kinds of sugar that are vegan. So at the time of my phone call to Ronald, the donuts aren't vegan :( It would definitely be good if one of the locals her would print off some information about this and give it to the owners.


Erin P.
Posted by Erin P. on Friday, February 22, 2013
Not all vegans care about bone char processed sugar, it's really not a big enough deal to declare these donuts are not vegan. Even Jo Stepaniak weighed in on this debate and declared bone char processed sugar is taking things a bit far. If you're this concerned you'd better watch out for your tap water as it too is filtered through bone char. I agree that using vegan certified sugar is best, but this shouldn't be a deal breaker for a company going out of its way to provide vegan donuts.
Sandy M
Posted by Sandy M on Friday, February 22, 2013
Actually, the use of bone char processed sugar IS a deal breaker for many vegans, using bone char processed sugar still makes a food product not vegan to lots of vegans.
I did read recently that 40% of white sugar now produced in the USA is beet sugar, which is vegan; you have no way of knowing which commercial sugars are the vegan 40%, or are the bone char processed other 60% though (I don't drink tap water or cook with it, incidentally.)
I feel that Ronald's is onto something great, they need to change the kind of sugar they're using though because bone charring sugar makes it Not vegan. (Mighty O Donuts in Seattle are 100% Vegan yummy donuts, so it is possible to make a vegan donut
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