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by erbavore

Review: I'm usually the critic and don't give good ratings if not deserved, yet Ronald's Donuts are by far some of the best donuts in the entire world. These donuts are so good that they won the Las Vegas award for best donuts. That is impressive for any donut, yet for a Vegan donut, it is simply AMAZING. Yet tasting is believing. I haven't had a donut like this since giving up eggs 17 years ago. The donut holes and Lemon Creme Filled glazed donuts were my favorite. After looking at all the reviews, everyone RAVED about their donuts, yet gave them 4 Cows. I'm not sure where the disconnect is. The owners are devout Buddhist's and probably do not understand the Bone Char Sugar issue. It would be good if one of the locals her would print off some information about this and give it to the owners. At the same time, please do some research and let them know the alternatives. Please note, they probably get their sugar from Sysco or GFC. Please see if these companies carry a vegan sugar. I would do it, but am leaving town tomorrow. Ahh, the system is currently messing up and 4 cows is the maximum rating. I'm sure the owners of happy cow will fix this soon.


Erin P.
Posted by Erin P. on Friday, February 22, 2013
Happy Cow won't allow a 5 Cow rating for places that aren't entirely vegan (I think that's a mistake because most people don't know that in advance). The cake donuts at Ronald's are NOT vegan so beware. They will happily tell you which donuts are vegan so don't be shy about asking. All the best donuts are vegan so it's all good.
(las vegas resident)
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