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by JohnGalpin

Review: The food is o.k. to below average I've been here twice and ordered 6 dishes. The chefs and cooks arent raw vegans--this is evident when you see the food. Heads up: don't try to send anything back unless you've first braced yourself for the wait staff to unleash their inner jerk. I ordered the coconut lemongrass soup, broth soup, and fresh vegetable salad. After eating the small salad and broth soup, I tasted the coconut soup and it was loaded with salt--pretty typical for this Thai dish as I understand it. The menu did not mention that it had a lot of salt so I said, "I can't eat this because I'm on a diet that restricts my salt intake." The server immediately expressed her annoyance with this apparently outlandish request and said in a very rude, whiny voice, "You know this is a Thai dish. It has salt. The menu doesn't list all the ingredients." She pushed the bowl toward me and I had to repeat 4 or 5 times, I'm not going to eat this. I'm sorry, it was a misunderstanding." Then the restaurant manager came out and he was even more rude and unpleasant. He said, "I tasted the soup and it tastes great." I said again that salt is not something that I can eat in large quantities because of my health. He then had the nerve to say, "You are perfectly healthy." I told him I was offended and said I would like to speak with him and the manager of the resort. He then said, "I think you sent it back because you ate too much already." So he called me a liar. This staff works at a place where many of the patrons are trying to heal themselves by carefully deciding what to put into their body. I have a weak kidney and have been trying to heal myself with a low salt, no oil, raw food diet for the past 1.5 years. In addition, I had just completed a 21 day coconut water fast two days before this incident so I was still weaning myself into my normal diet. The wait staff pressured me into consuming more salt than I normally consume in an entire week because they assumed I was lying instead of trying to be healthy. I am completely astonished by their lack of understanding as to where many of the resort's patrons are coming from. It shows poor training of their employees and the wait staff's underlying negative attitude toward westerners who are trying to live in a way that is different than the way they live.


Oh Caro
Posted by Oh Caro on Saturday, December 21, 2013
I have to agree with you, JohnGalpin, that the food can be surprisingly salty at Radiance. I'm not following any special diet, I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian. Just yesterday, I ordered the ranchero breakfast, which comes with a nice portion of very tasty but very salty beans. I was surprised as I would have thought that all meals at Radiance should be low sodium. I've eaten plenty of other dishes from there, all well seasoned, and probably with a lot more salt than necessary, but those beans really made me notice how generous cooks are with salt here. The dish I had wasn't even Thai so that shouldn't be their excuse. The chef and cooks really need to adapt their recipes. And I bet it isn't even that hard. Dishes are already loaded with other wonderful flavours that they should not require so much salt in the first place. I'm certain people would continue to eat there.

As for the wait staff, I cannot comment on that. I agree with you, JohnGalpin, that the staff should be better educated in addressing patrons' varying and unique health requirements, certainly in a much less judgemental way.

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