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by anne1

Review: We really thought this would be a nice treat for us but could not have been more disappointed and angry! We waited at least 20 minutes for a menu and then another 20 minutes to order food and wine. All this time, there was a complete lack of eye contact or reassurance that the (busy) staff knew we were then. The staff then told me that my 'dish of the day' had finished so I gave them my second choice only to end up with the original choice! Both mains were cold though so were returned to the kitchen with a response from the waitress of complete incredulity! By this point, of course there were no more 'dish of the day' mains left so I resorted to my original second choice! Again, both dishes were lukewarm but by this point we just wanted to eat something and get out. We needed to remind the staff four times that we had ordered a bottle of wine which never materialised. 32 Euros for vegan chilli and seitan goulash is a joke but coupled with appalling service and lack of heat is an absolute insult. Shame on this restaurant which could be a shining light in this beautiful city. We left, annoyed and let down, and went in search of a bar and some culture.


Posted by Orchidgirl on Monday, January 2, 2012
While I'm sorry that you did not have an enjoyable experience, I wanted to second the response from Vancity25 - when I first visited Paris, I was completely unaware of the dining customs there. It's true that meals are generally a social occasion to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, and being in a hurry is considered rude. At most restaurants, you will not be presented with your bill until you ask for it, so that you feel welcome to sit and talk for hours if you like. Now I'm much more aware of how fast we eat in the much nicer to slow things down and enjoy!
Posted by anne1 on Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Thanks both for your feedback. I am well aware of the European relaxed approach to dining and, as a busy person, welcome it!! I think the point here was that it wasn't 'relaxed' but dismissive, uninterested and lacklustre. Despite your defence, I am afraid I/we maintain our opinion and I will take a lot of persuading to spend hard earned money here again!! Happy 2012.
Posted by Vancity25 on Friday, February 22, 2013
I wanted to comment on the slowness/lack of service you've mentioned. In France quick service is actually considered rude. There people go out to eat as an event and good service is allowing the customer lots of time to linger, etc. This leads to courses coming very slowly, barely seeing the waiter, etc. Pretty much the exact opposite of what people are use to in other countries.
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