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by Julie R

Review: Please note. I originally rated this new store 4 happy cows. VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS BEWARE! Yesterday 08/03/2013, I was shopping at this Whole Foods. On the hot bar, there were a couple "VEGAN" tofu curry items. The sign, in large letters listed them as "VEGAN". Yet, in small letters in the ingredients for the food, there were listings of "shrimp" items. SHRIMP, ah, when did shrimp become vegan? Anyway, we told the manager and another person who took the signs down. At first, they told us that the items, they thought, were indeed vegan, but the ingredients were just mistaken. Yeah, right. They then disappeared into the back for a while to "research" it. We waited and waited for the outcome. While waiting, we noticed another "VEGAN" item (Vegan Caribbean Rice - see my photograph). That "VEGAN" item listed turkey "powder" and turkey "flavor" in it. Some other guy who worked there, went into this long rant how "turkey flavoring" was just flavoring and NOT animal (turkey) based. I challenged him on his explanation, asking him how sure he was of that. He said about 95% sure - Oh, please, he knew nothing about nothing and less about what vegan meant. I was rather annoyed that, not knowing what he was talking about, he tried to convince us that that item was vegan. Well, the manager returned and was very, very nice about it. (There were actually 2 people - a guy and a girl - I am not sure which was the manager.) The guy explained to us that their base for the vegan curry did, indeed, contain shrimp. WTF? They had recently changed companies for their curry base and blah blah blah - some long explanation. So, that vegan curry item was not AT ALL vegan. The Vegan Caribbean Vegetables with the turkey powder was never explained to us, and the sign listing it as vegan remained on it. On the other items, they remove the signs, but not the food. Look, if you want to shop there for vegan food, be my guest. It's a beautiful store, and I DO appreciate the manager, who was very nice, looking into it. But, you must beware and ASK about ingredients. People with a shellfish allergy would become sick eating that allegedly VEGAN curry slop. My original review listed this store with 5 stars. I am changing it to 1 star. This is just unacceptable. And, what's more unacceptable is the guy who came out and tried to convince me "turkey" powder was vegan. Please - I gotta go check my driver's license and see if I was born yesterday!


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