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by Sabrina

Review: The whole experience was negative. Didn't even get a smile from anyone - aren't Buddhists supposed to be happy and friendly? I ordered what was marked as their most popular dish, and it was an unrecognizable lump of gluten and grease. The bathroom upstairs was rather frightening and had a toothbrush on the sink. Would never go back.


Posted by angelbrade on Friday, February 22, 2013
I think that you are a very negative person that would like fast food places rather than an original home made family type restaurant without judging the building and/or the people in it. I am not even a vegetarian but when I entered this humble house that is run by Buddhist nuns I was greeted with a smile (even though tey could not speak much English) because I came in with a smile on my face and gave a friendly greeting to them. (You know, like becomes like) I received the best service and the most delicious food for someone who is a meat eater. I feel bad for you that you could not enjoy it. Better go to McDonalds or Burgerking next time at least you don't have to smile to them. Just order drive through and pay. Good luck to you and God Bless.
Posted by Sabrina on Friday, February 22, 2013
Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps I went there when they had a bad day? Perhaps I had high expectations because I was expecting a place like the peaceful buddhist restaurant that I support where I live? Or perhaps in hindsight the experience was marred by the stomach ache that stayed with me for hours after I ate the fried balls of gluten? Who knows. But if may I ask - how do you know I didn't smile and greet them warmly when I entered the restaurant? How do you know I wasn't kind to them? As an aspiring buddhist myself, and vegetarian of nearly twenty years, a couple of words of advice. Don't make assumptions. Don't judge. Be kind to all living things. So please, stop promoting cruelty and animal suffering by your eating animals.
Posted by Kristerikal on Friday, February 22, 2013
This is an interesting conversation about how we interpret other people's mannerisms. I understand why Sabrina may have gotten this impression of rude behavior, but I think it has more to do with our different manner in the west. If the owner/chef is busy, she may not always smile or take time out to chit chat. Let's not forget that her basic English does not allow her to make quick chit chat in the first place. But I can tell you from my my experiences with her that she does not mean anything by what you may perceive as rude. If you were to stay long enough after people leave, she is much more likely to open up, smile more, and struggle with her English to try to have a conversation with you. This is what my wife and I have experienced on a number of occasions. Generally speaking, I find the manner of Asian people --whether from China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc-- to be somewhat different than the typical western standard. Sometimes they can appear to be shouting or barking at each other angrily, when they are actually just using a different tone to communicate. I would love for other Asians to get into this conversation and help us westerners understand these cultural differences better! My wife is Russian and I can also tell you that Russians often come off as very rude to westerners. Sometimes they really are rude, for sure! But I have spent enough time in Russia to know that this is mostly about people not opening themselves up emotionally in public. You don't see the same kind of friendly, familiar chit chat in the check out line in Russia, for instance. But one on one, you might actually find Russians friendlier than many westerners you know. They do have a more eastern style generosity once they know you, trust you, etc. Patience is a virtue, let's not forget!
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