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by A.Z.P.

Review: Between 11:30 and 3 pm Chennai Garden has an excellent lunch buffet. The earlier you get there the fresher things are. What separates the buffet from other vege Curry Hill Indian restaurants is the selection. Great Daal, some of the best Palak Paneer I ever had and a plethora of Sauces and chutneys highlight this buffet. I filled my Over-sized plate 3 times each lunch buffet. For $6.95 this all you can eat treat is one of the steals of the city and should not be missed! When we ordered A' La Carte I was a little disappointed. While the prices are good and the portions were above average and filling, I was not blown away by the individual flavors. For instance, the Iddly were prepared perfectly but the Rasam Sauce they were in was only average. The last time we went the customer service left me with a sour taste in my mouth. While I've loved south Indian vegetarian fare since I'm a little kid, the flavors are too powerful and esoteric for my spouse. So I took her elsewhere for lunch before i got the buffet at Chennai. While i was eating, she picked at one of my chapatis, more as a nervous habit than out of hunger (like twiddling thumbs), as she was getting bored just watching me eat. She maybe all in all ate a fifth of a chapati. When i went to pay the owner this is what happened: Me: that was great. $6.95 right? Cashier: Yes 6.95 each Me: No only I ate. Cashier: are you sure she didn't eat too? Me: I'm the only one that got the buffet Cashier: I saw her eat. You must pay for 2! You can not come in my restaurant and get free buffet. Me: Sir i promise you only i ate Cashier: just because you eat from same plate it is still 2 meals! He eventually let us off the hook but I assume he saw her picking off itty bitty pieces of chapati and I understand that he has to make a living and doesn't want to give free rides, but there is a certain way to deal with customers and a modicum of trust would go a long way here. This being said, I will still definitely return to Chennai Garden. They have the best Vegetarian Indian Lunch buffet in the city. The Service is quicker and the prices are better than their Vege Curry Hill competition. The place is pretty small and not the fanciest, but its fine for a quick lunch or a meal with friends or family. All in all, while for Dinner my allegiance still stands with Madras Mahal... for lunch from now on, it will be only Chennai Garden for me!


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