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by Rich Revell

Review: We called ahead on the phone to make sure we could get a seat when we arrived. They said no problem, and to our surprise there was no one else in the restaurant when we arrived at 7:00pm on a Thursday night. I had asked on the phone what were the best items on the menu, and they recommended the curry above all else. We sampled the curry and it was very different and not at all like a traditional Thai curry. More like a thicker gravy like consistency. It wasn't pleasing and we couldn't imagine ordering an entire entree. We chose to order two of the sandwiches instead, the teriyaki burger and the pan-fried tempeh. Neither choice was very good. I also ordered the miso soup and it was okay, but agin not like a traditional offering. It was disappointing that they didn't have a few more traditional items on the menu, like a sushi roll, a vegetable stir fry, a seaweed salad, etc. We will not be going back, based on our experience with the strange food and heavy reliance on fake meats. Sorry guys, but I must be honest about our experience,


Posted by AkiraNakao on Thursday, May 30, 2013
There are two things that are significantly different from the truth in this review.

Curry has a lot of variety and there are no "traditional' one especially in India. Every restaurant and individual makes their own originals. Thai curry is not what VegiLicious provides either. Japanese curry always contains beef extract and MSG.
VegiLicious' curry is made with many kinds of spices and a huge amount of organic vegetables and contains very little fat although he says it is like gravy which will make the readers think their curry is greasy.

VegiLicious' miso soup is made in the most traditional way in the Western Japan region. They use only a lot of kelp for the broth and the most expensive organic miso paste imported from Japan unlike most Japanese restaurants who use dashi powder containing MSG and cheap miso paste containing food additives.
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