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by Mcowpie

Review: I stopped in here with my family today. At first we thought it was a nice little store, and it is . . . sort of. Good selection of natural foods in a place that otherwise has only a Safeway. However the longer we stayed the more we detected a totalitarian, self righteous attitude. I asked if there was Kombucha and received an annoyed and flat 'no' in response. The kind that did not invite debate. I would note in retrospect that there were no alcoholic beverages of any kind in the store and kombucha has a small and insignificant amount of alcohol in it. Apparently any is too much. A few minutes later I heard a customer ask if they carried coffee and the man replied "we try to keep this a health food store." Now I don't want to debate whether coffee is healthful or not, but I can tell you that its much less harmful than cane sugar, which they carry an abundance of in different forms. Skip the poisons if you want, but spare your customers the self righteous anger and judgement. I honestly felted condemned and despised for wanting kombucha and I can promise you those requesting either of these two items will find similar intolerant and haughty attitudes. I for one would have appreciated a warning that this store was run by angry religious types. If you don't want either of those two things your experience may differ. A tofurky sandwich in the middle of nowhere goes a long way, but this is just down the road from the tofurky factory, and an hour from Portland.


Posted by changestartswithyou on Thursday, December 29, 2011
Dear Mr Mcowpie, I'm sorry for your perceived experience at Mothers... (and yes our perception is our reality) was less than what you expected. I've been shopping at Mother's for years, along with many other locals, and anyone who's gotten to know that family, know's they are the most kind spirited (or should I say hearted) people you'll meet, and they do their best to support local growers and business'. Seeing your connection to Happy Cow, I'm guessing we're all on the same path, "health wise", anyways. It's challenging enough getting people to learn good health and nutrition without negative reviews- especially in a place that means well. No one's perfect- is it possible you or the other person was having a bad day?? Remember the age old saying...'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. Please think twice before posting something negative about people who are just trying like the rest of us! Peace and veggies!!
Posted by rainlover on Sunday, August 19, 2012
@changestartswithyou, I love Mother's but I think that scolding Mcowpie for posting an honest, heartfelt review is a misdirected effort. Your admonition to only post positive thoughts and feelings makes the review process less valuable because it skews the information and has a cooling effect on posters.

I've been a Mother's supporter since Mother's was a Washington-based start-up, but Mcowpie isn't imagining things. In all honesty, I've experienced the same religious-based judgmental attitude there. It doesn't keep me from supporting them, but I'm very much aware of it and self-monitor in order to improve my experience.

Our personal beliefs can spur us to action, as it does with the owners at Mother's, but when we cross into the retail environment, it may be prudent to temper one's need to condemn those who don't think as we do and take a more proactive tack. A simple, "No, I'm sorry, we don't carry that, but we do have some delicious (suggestion)" might have saved the day and improved Mcowpie's experience as well as the review. While rudeness is not something that anyone should aspire to, the burden of customer relations falls more to the retailer or service provider than it does to the consumer.

Reviews are generally a snapshot of a particular point in time. I appreciate that posters here are respectful and honest -- refreshing and valuable departure from what many consider 'normal.'
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