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by Veggie Smiles

Review: Like "Disappointed", I too thought I was visiting Lurve last Monday when it now appears to be a cafe run by someone else on days other than Thursday to Saturday. I am not surprised by the confusion as it is not clear to a first time visitor when you enter the cafe itself that it is not Lurve. In fact, the menu board had "Lurve" written on it even though there was nothing written below. It wouldn't take much time or cost much to write the days of opening on this board or put up some posters outside or inside for people who are passing by to clear this up. I think this is a very important point in order to avoid confusion and, in fact, to preserve Lurve's reputation as I agree with Disappointed about the standard of hygiene and lack of interest in customer service when I visited too! Surely Lurve wishes to distance itself from this? I look forward to visiting Lurve on a day it is actually serving. One other thing is that there seems to be a lot of sudden wonderful reviews about Lurve since Disappointed's review when there previously hadn't been one since March. A little over-defensive! Just be clearer inside the Cafe about the days Lurve is operating (not just stating hours on Happy Cow, Facebook, etc.) and Lurve's wonderful reputation should be preserved! SweetVegan, I rated in the middle to be fair (it's neither positive nor negative) as I haven't yet tried Lurve's food. Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 25, 2013


Posted by SweetVegan on Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Lurve has only been open again for 3 days!!! It takes time to replace signs, etc. Most of us check their facebook page as that's where they post all their info & it's very clear that they are just open Thursday, Friday, Saturday as present.

Perhaps the reason that they have suddenly had a number of reviews in the past couple of days is that they only re-opened on Thursday 20 June. They have been closed since March!!

Seems harsh to me to give them only 3 stars when it looks as though you haven't actually experienced the café on Lurve days.
Posted by SweetVegan on Tuesday, June 25, 2013
You have amended your original review (but not your rating) since I posted my response. I think this makes it confusing for everyone.

I'm sure Lurve know what they are doing & there will have been a reason why they were not able to put up/ change signs in time.

I'm sure we all wish to support Dublin's first vegan café not snipe at it.

I am not going to post any more responses to a review which you keep amending, without highlighting your amendments.

I hope you visit Lurve soon. They are a lovely lot & you can see how hard they are trying!

Al the best to you, Veggie Smiles :-)
Posted by SweetVegan on Tuesday, June 25, 2013
PS Reason I mentioned your rating is that it has affected Lurve's overall rating, which seems a little unfair when you haven't experienced their café yet.
Veggie Smiles
Posted by Veggie Smiles on Tuesday, June 25, 2013
SweetVegan, I don't "keep" on amending my review. I edited it once only to include responses to your comments as I was not aware I could post a response to your comment, being a first-time user of Happy Cow! I am not trying to confuse anyone and don't have any hidden agenda as you seem to believe.

Of course I haven't amended my rating as I haven't tried the food. It would be unreasonable to expect me to give 5 stars to Lurve for food I haven't tried! What would be the purpose of the Happy Cow website reviews then? I gave a fair rating (a middle 3 stars) so that it would have no affect on their rating! Also, there was no "swiping" on my part. My point asking them to clarify the days they are open for passers-by should get them more business! You seem a little overly sensitive about it.

Being a strict vegetarian, of course I want to see veggie/vegan businesses doing well and wish them all the best. My comments should be taken as constructive in order for them to bring more feet in the door!

All the best to you also.
Posted by SweetVegan on Monday, July 1, 2013
I just think it's odd to review a café you hadn't eaten in yet.
I could be wrong but, as I understand it, a café has 2 reviews both of 5 stars then its overall rating is 5. It has 2 reviews of 5 stars & 3 stars then its overall rating is 4 stars. That's why I think it was unfair to rate Lurve as 3 stars (which is not neutral). I don't think you should have rated it at all. Just my opinion.
I think we all hope to see more vegan/ veggie restaurants/ cafés in Dublin - here's hoping!!
Veggie Smiles
Posted by Veggie Smiles on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
SweetVegan, there is no option not to rate when leaving a review. I even tried to edit to "unrate"(due to your last comment as I thought I might have missed this option) but it wouldn't accept a comment without a rating. Therefore, as before, I chose the most neutral (to me) to be fair, neither positive nor negative, until I try the food. I am sorry you seem so upset that Lurve has lost a half star due to this (isn't 4.5 a great rating?) but perhaps when I try the food and if I find it outstanding, I can give 5 stars in honesty!
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