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by Veganman85308

Review: I've been Vegan for over 10 years. I've eaten in many restaurants, Vegan and otherwise. Never before have I been so disgusted. Giving Green the title of "Restaurant" is giving it too much class. IMO, Diner would even be a struggle. 1. Waited in line 20 minutes to place order. 2. No wait staff. 3. Bus your own table. 4. Wade through tables of dining patrons to place order. Good thing for them I wasn't in the mood to cough or sneeze. 5. Decor leaves much to be desired. Is this a "restaurant" or the remains of a flooded frat-house basement? Unable to find a chair that wasn't ripped in the seat. Not sitting on a stained yard sale couch on a splintery plywood riser. 6. Ordered food and noticed kitchen staff did not wear gloves. Talked on cordless phone while preparing food, then did not wash hands. How clean is that phone? 7. Place is DIRTY! 8. Appearance of food was disappointing. The Vegan pizza I make at home from scratch looks better. Why would I pay for a pita smeared with sauce, with 3 leathery, waxy slices of sweating cheese, when the Vegan Gourmet cheese I use at home actually melts? 9. Buffalo Wings or Wads? Unidentifiable "wads" of fibrous matter. Sauce reeked of vinegar and nothing else. 10. Took 2 requests and got a huff in response when staff was asked to wipe the remnants of the last diner's meal off of our rocking table. After reading the RAVE reviews online, I was sorry I made the 84 minute drive to reach Green. I'm even more sorry I brought people with me. Now they have the connotation that being Vegan means this is acceptable for an eating establishment. Green's website touts itself like it is comparable with "real" restaurants like Millennium. Not even close. Millennium makes Green look like the immobile roach coach it is. I stared at my baskets and plate of food for about 20 minutes while my guests ate. The A/C kicked on and fine particles of something rained down on our table. Mold? Dust? Skin flakes from everyone waiting to order? Who knows. As for the flavors of the food, consistency, texture, etc., I don't know. My food went untouched, into the trash. No gloves, crap raining down............. No thanks! I'm not eating that. I can spend less and come away with more than a bottle of Pellegrino at home. Green needs to focus on being a great restaurant that just happens to be Vegan, not be so caught up in being Vegan that the restaurant is what it is........a dump. If you like your restaurants "crunchy", this is the place for you.


Posted by klingsor on Sunday, February 17, 2013
That wasn't my impression of the place either. Gloves, really? Do you think every restaurant you eat at has their employees wear gloves? The place is great. And I've been to vegan places all over the planet. I can only imagine what you'd think of Hashem in Amman, or even Kate's Joint in NYC. And having local art on the walls is bad decor? This place is cool and hipsterish, but it's definitely not for people like you.
Posted by Rox on Friday, February 22, 2013
Well said on the appearance, cleaniliness and decor. But it is in a partially vacant strip mall.... I just moved to Phoenix 2 years ago-- and all the vegan or veg places I go to in Arizona seem to be dirty--- so I thought this was the standard for locals. I am glad to read your post and know I am not the only one who feels "WTF are people raving about!!!??" And I can say I still go there for my Vegan junk-food fix---and get it To Go-- and do my best to remain ignorant of staff not wearing gloves behind the scenes. I can say on a brighter note--- I have never gotten sick off the food : )
Posted by Brittne on Friday, February 22, 2013
also not my experience at all. it's always been at least reasonably clean and sanitary, and, true, green is far from high-class dining, but that's not their intention (nor should it be... it doesn't cater to all the scottsdale pretentious eco/health snobs). i don't mind busing my own tables one bit, nor do i mind the decor. green always features local artists, and i've always appreciated their very eclectic, funky ambiance. and besides, what i come for is the food. phoenix is severely lacking in good vegan food, and green has long been my favorite spot in the area. they offer a huge selection, delicious appetizers, reasonable prices, and their tsoynamis CAN NOT be beat. even the most carnivorous among my friends adores the tsoynamis, which happen to be soy- and coconut-milk based, and i'd put them at the very top of my list of vegan desserts.

it appalls me that you have the nerve to write such a terrible review when you couldn't even bring yourself to taste the food. i am one of green's *many* loyal customers, and maybe the customers you had to "wade through" or the 20 minute line should let you realize how much their patrons adore them.

i, for one, will be back again and again for the singapore tofu, thee argentine, the mexicali burger, the artichoke dip, and every tsoynami on that menu.
Posted by keevegan on Friday, February 22, 2013
wow, not my impression at all! The place seemed clean and staff were friendly and I had no wait to order. As for the cooks wearing gloves? I have worked in many food establishments and yes, gloves should be worn while handling the prepared ready to serve meal but I must warn that usually you are not allowed to see the people preparing your food and this is probably in your best interests if you find a phone call disgusting, seriously beyond poor personal hygiene is the best way that I can describe the way every cook I have ever worked with comes to work and when you can't see them they certainly touch unsanitized surfaces on themselves and other objects- just to let you know. I also never perceived Green to be a high class dining establishment and take no issue with busing my own tables and paying for strictly a meal prepared for me not an evening feeling like I top the caste system! If Millennium is more your style more power to you.
Posted by tarathemis on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow, I am so glad to know I am not alone in my assessment of Green. While I did enjoy some of the food I had (but certainly not all), this review is SPOT ON in terms of the poor service, crappy decor and lack of cleanliness. As I have mentioned in my own review of Green from 2007, some of the staff have seriously bad attitudes, and several friends who have tried Green agree with me on this. I will say that in a pinch, it's nice to have a vegan-junk-food option, but the ONLY thing I would recommend this place for is the tsoynamis.
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