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Review: This is the kind of organization that makes me proud to live in Indiana. Organic farming right in our own backyard! They grow over 200 varieties - mostly heirloom and unique produce known for its flavor and appearance. If you're not familiar with the Creme de la Crop program, the way it works is you purchase a membership or "share" in the farm. You pre-pay for your share ahead of the harvest, this gives the farm the money they need up front to cover costs. Come harvest time, you get a share of the crops. How much your share costs depends on what produce you want. First, choose what type of produce package you want - Summer Fruit (June-Oct), Summer Veggies (June-Oct), Winter Fruit (Nov-Dec) and/or Winter Veggies (Nov-Dec). Next, choose where you want Standard or Epicurean. Standard means your regular varieties like apples, blueberries, clementines, etc. Epicurean will include gourmet varieties like persimmons and pomegranates. Last, choose whether you want a Full Membership or Half Membership. Half gives you enough produce for 2 people, Full gives you enough for a family of 4 or more. They give tours of the farm and also have a farm apprenticeship program. Updated from previous review on Thursday September 27, 2012. Please see my reasons for downgrading this rating below.


Posted by happycowgirl on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
I am so sad to report that Creme de la Crop is now raising chickens and ducks. Worse yet, they plan to raise goats.

The chicken are kept in lovely conditions with plenty of space, shelter and food. However, there lives will meet a premature end and they will be slaughtered.

The goats are being bought so the farm can offer fresh goat's milk. This of course will mean that the female goat will have to bred or artificially inseminated (raped). Her offspring will be taken away or sold. After all, females only produce milk when they are pregnant because the milk is meant for her baby. The goats will not live out their natural lives on the farm but will be sent to slaughter.

I believe Creme de la Crop will lose almost all of their vegan clientele over this. I'm certainly not renewing my membership. I cannot and will not support animal slaughter.
Posted by LeannLandgrebePelzel on Thursday, December 19, 2013
We recently came upon your site and noticed a commit that what true to how we run our operation. First of all the lovely Chickens and Ducks we raise at the farm are for egg production and field fertility (manure); which makes the farm more sustainable. They (the girls) will live a long and happy life at the farm and offered as pets once their egg production decreases.
Currently we have 2 Dwarf Nigerian triple registered male buckling (Lucky and Flash) that is the farms pride and joy; and will never be harmed. When we take on the responsibility of raising female goats they will never be artificially inseminated. The offspring will not be taken away to be sold. Goat herds do a wonderful job cleaning farm brush and help control weeds; and this happens to be their favorite thing to consume. Once we have kids (baby goats) they will be raised with their mothers until they reach the age of fertility. We will separate the herd to prevent inbreeding.
Our practices are to improve the sustainability of the farm.
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