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by demonika

Review: so i've finally tried them! my review is concerning the burger menu only (burger and french fries)cos this is supposed to be their main domain. I had Le oriental. the burger itself is very small, it's very dry cos there is no sauce except the dry houmous, the condiments are not really grilled or seasoned so actually i had few dead slices of aubergine and zuchini with my slice of tofu burger. the tofu burger itself is not very interesting. so if you don't have a good main ingredient you should fancy up the other ones, and "east side burgers" is not doing it. there was no love in my food, no juicyness and no nice aromas. So yes indeed they can be called a real conventional fast food. Silly me, I expected that they would be fabricating their own vision of a nice vegetable based burger, that food is more important than fast and that they would be guided by some higher organoleptic standards than the ones I've experienced while eating their food. Fresh ingredients take up probably the smallest area in their kitchen cos I haven't seen any, so they must be hiding them. No lettuce and no tomato at sight. The burgers are ready made bought in boxes, ketchup and mayo are displayed for the customers to use them, no home-made sauces, cheese is the precut one, glasses and cutlery is disposable, place is tiny so there is not much to clean. So I don't understand how they can't find the time to at least grill those few slices of garnish properly cos they might just save the meal. Just. But it's the fries that save the meal. Fries are very good. Not too salty, nicely crunchy, and wery well fried cos they're not heavy in oil. So apparently they have more respect for fries than they have for the burgers. What looks made with attention are the cakes (some home-made), which I haven't tried, but this is not patisserie/bakery, it's supposed to be burger place. Resume: I felt like I was paying for the decoration and the rent, not for the food. And the price of 6euros for that tiny piece of less than average is a rip-off. They have no respect towards their burgers. Choice of drinks is [edit by staff]- coke and friends. Well the concept is sweet rock cafe I guess. There you go- raping burgers and exploiting them by placing them in the name of the establishment with some smell of rock in the background. Make good food even if you do it for business.


Posted by FetchkaMafiosi on Saturday, August 10, 2013
I totally agree with you.
Posted by happycowinparis on Friday, May 8, 2015
i agree too, the burger is definately DRY no bad attitude stressed waitress. tiny space. horrible experience
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