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by gypsymorph

Review: 0 COWS. I've never been treated in such a horrible manner in my entire life. We were very excited for some Vegan food as eating Vegan while traveling around can get complicated...a lot of Pizza Marinara. Anyway...yes, I was a tourist, and yes...I am American. But wow, I've never been treated so terribly. We are easy customers while home and abroad. We don't talk much, don't ask for much, are independent and patient. But apparently this restaurant has a game called "try to rip the tourists off as much as possible" First, we got our food excitedly. So excited to see quinoa and tofu...the sorts of things we eat at home regularly. Next, we put the food up on the scales for her and smile nicely. *NOTE* My boyfriend speaks quite decent Italian. The scale for my boyfriend's plate read more than 1.85 kg. Now...I get that they think a "stupid American tourist" doesn't know what a kg is but I DO in fact know how much a kg is. And...that's over 4 POUNDS OF FOOD. Which is almost the size of a smallbowling ball! So we say politely "no, that's not right". The lady got major attitude with us and was super rude, but I had to insist. And...indeed, she took the plate off and reset the scale and it was nearly half the weight. All the while she was huffing and puffing and being extraordinarily rude. At this point we just wanted to leave, it's embarrassing to be treated so terribly. Then, she rings us up at 57 Euros! Are you kidding me? For 2 plates of food & 2 beers. I mean, we figured it would be pricey, 35 Euros, maybe 40 tops! At this point my jaw just dropped to the floor. I mean...what can you say when you know someone is repeatedly trying to rip you off? It was embarrassing! It made me feel so terrible, I felt sick. Anyway...she double charged us for one of the plates & I caught it. She was forced to grudgingly refund 18 Euros for the double charge. We ate our food. It was okay, nothing special. Trying to just rate the food is difficult because of the overall experience. I would say that the food was average. My bf & I make vegan dishes better at home. I guess the worst part is the fact that I expected the Vegan community/lifestyle to overcome attempts to rip tourists off. Our vegan lifestyle is very important to us. It's a life of compassion, attempting be healthy, not exploiting the planet, animals & other humans. I expected more. I visited vegan restaurants in other cities with great success. But this place...obviously I'll never go back.


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