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by PennsyltuckyVeggie

Review: This restaurant is ~~still~~ trying to find its groove so I wouldn't have rated it at all initially if it weren't for all of the reviews solicited (via Facebook) by the owner to help balance one person's negative experience. Unfortunately I have, as of September 2012, had some really lousy food at this place as well as more inconsistent advertising, business practices and customer service. Touting a it as a "vegan restaurant" as has done some places is really misleading. It's kind of like calling yourself a "vegan chef" because you have been vegan for a year and decide to take over an old Original Italian Pizza location with no formal training as even a line cook or sous chef. Over-sized portions of gross, undercooked food with missing (then advertised on one menu) ingredients (crunchy raw onions, anemic slices of tomato and no vegan mozzarella in the 20 long Veggie Calzone that was so soggy that the bottom fell off when I tried to cut a human sized portion) is not what I want to spend $20 on. That includes the tip to the non-vegan cook. As of mid September 2012, this item was taken off the menu, as was the original statement on the menu "everything on this menu is 100% vegan - prepared by a vegan - at 100% vegan workstations" was modified. Do note, many of the photos are currently no longer helpful as they have decided to no longer offer fries. Opened February, 2012, the place is taking a long time settling in. I love the idea but if I want an OIP style veggie sub, I'll go to the one near Luna2 and tell them to hold the cheese. I can't see ever wanting to go back. Full review here:


Posted by aardvarkkafe on Thursday, November 8, 2012
6-8 weeks before this individual came into the restaurant, the menu was updated and the vegan gourmet mozzarella cheese was taken off the menu and replaced with nutritional yeast and pizza sauce. There were no missing ingredients from the menu during their visit. Vegan calzones have been removed from the menu since there was evidently a consistency issue with them when I am not at the kafe. We ask that if you have an issue with your food, that you let us know right away and we will do everything we can, within reason, to fix the problem.

At the time this individual dined here, the menu stated that "everything on my vegan menu is 100% vegan, prepared by a vegan, at 100% vegan workstations". The menu now states that everything is "created by a vegan" instead of "prepared" by a vegan. Generally if the open sign is on, I'm there working but I do need some time off here and there which I'm sure you can understand. I was away on vacation the week they came in and even posted that on the kafe's Facebook page. Even when I am here (the vegan), it is absolutely impossible for me to prepare every single vegan order that comes in by myself. My staff and I work together as a team on almost every order and it has been like this since we took over the restaurant. Everyone here at the aardvark kafe, no matter what their diet is, respects my policies in regard to cross contamination when preparing vegan orders, whether I am here or not.

My stepfather Les is pescetarian and is married to my mother, who is vegan. I assure you all that he respects the vegan lifestyle/diet and the strict preparation policies I've have here at the aardvark.

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