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by the_truth

Review: I used to really like this place until they screwed up big time. Last night I ordered a "basic burrito." There was no mention of cheese being in the basic burrito in the description. So I get my basic burrito and start inhaling the thing because I was quite hungry. But then I taste a funny taste. A taste I had not tasted in years. That's right, goddamn cheese. There was goddamn cheese in my burrito, the burrito I was eating. So me, a vegan, was fed cheese by Rosetta and her kitchen of lies. I didn't think I would have to open up and inspect my burrito at a restaurant where the vast majority of the menu is "vegan." I learned a few things that day. I learned that you can't trust anyone to make food for you, and to always inspect it before you eat. I also learned that I will be going to Laughing Seed more, and never again to Rosetta's Kitchen of lies.


Posted by bessgoose on Sunday, August 9, 2009
good grief- get over your dramatic self. When eating habits yield such neurotic, fascist, and mean spirited behavior, they are completely counter-productive. Food is meant to be nurturing and sustaining, not grounds for moralistic bullshit. As a professional cook, you are the type of diner I loathe having to feed.
Posted by Denis on Friday, April 23, 2010
OK, it was a mistake. They should have at least comped the meal.
Posted by Sixoaks on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow! And to think that I would normally consider vegans somewhat pacifists since the goal is to use NOTHING that comes from animals. Wrong in your case I guess. Even if I don't take into account the profanity laced diatribe and the complete lack of respect for someone that runs a business that tries to do the right thing with both her food and her environmental impact, I get the impression you have an agenda here. I have only met Rosetta once, but she seems bent on doing the right thing and working hard at it.

While I agree that the description should have listed cheese, if I were a vegan that is as passionate (if that is the right word for it - militant might be a better word) as you are, I would look for the word VEGAN on the menu. Because most of the food is vegan does not mean all of it is. Maybe your hunger and the resulting dizzyness kept you from actually checking, but your error in doing so does not mean the restaurant was lying to you. Did it say "vegan"?

Your review actually prompts me to want to go to Rosetta's. And I might as soon as I finish my dead turkey sandwich with swiss cheese from brutalized cows.

rosetta star
Posted by rosetta star on Friday, February 22, 2013
An imperfect entity yea... we are. A house of lies? nope!!! The basic Burrito is supposed to be vegan, but it was a brand new item on our brand new 5$ and less menu (trying so hard to keep it real) but when you got it the cook wasn't familiar enough with the new items and he added cheese by mistake.

I know what your feeling, i still remember biting into a beef filled burrito years ago that i tried to get beans only on at at Taco Bell..... it grossed me out. However, i know that we fixed you a new burrito for free, and apologized profusely at the time, you seemed fine then.

We did mess up, but, we have several vegans on staff, they help us keep tabs on all the small print and hidden ingredients...that most restaurants overlook when they declare something vegan....... we are not a house of lies!

Please be nice. And we are really sorry.
Sincerely, Rosetta Star
Diner Dave
Posted by Diner Dave on Friday, February 22, 2013
Well that sucks for you "the truth". Mostly sucks that you will not get to enjoy Rosetta's Kitchen anymore. I can relate to chomping into a wrap or burrito only to end up with a mouth full of meat or other undesirable elements. It SUCKS.

However, the restaurant operates with good intentions and in good faith. I ordered some tacos a few days ago and they had cheese in 'em even tho the menu says nothing of cheese. I did not mind, but if it did bother me I'm 100% certain that they would have made me new tacos.

Rosetta's Kitchen is far from perfect (just like ME AND YOU) but the last thing they are doing is intentionally lying in order to feed cheese to vegans for crying out loud. Maybe everything there has beef broth in it. Like a big conspiracy to fuk over us crazy veg-heads.

And you are correct in the lessons learned... ALWAYS look at what you eat prior to driving it down your neck in a feeding frenzy. Unfortunately you are stuck trusting others with your food unless you grow all your ingredients and make everything yourself from scratch on property that no one else can gain access to.

I wonder what I will get at Rosetta's tonight! Prolly do like usual and spend over $30 for two of us, but it is soooo worth it I can't help myself. I prolly spend enough there to pay their power bill as we go about three times a week!

I don't know why I spent my time typing this as anyone who reads your review will not take you seriously. I guess I just feel bad for you "the truth". At least the restaurant wont blacklist you like the Soup Nazi would.
Posted by animallawgal on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wow, I read this after I posted my review, and I find it horrifying that people want to act like this is not a big deal. Rosetta's needs to be very thankful this person ordered what was advertised as a vegan product because they were, in fact a vegan and not someone with a milk allergy. Would you dare to "shame" this guy for complaining and respond with some kind of "aw, be cool" response if this person had to pull out their epi-pen and make a trip to the emergency room??? It has happened, there is a restaurant in Austin, TX that is a prime example ... they served "vegan" chicken nuggets that they actually contained a milk product and a little boy that was dining there because he had a milk allergy ended up in the hospital! They almost killed the kid, and that is no joke! Rosetta's, thank your lucky stars the same didn't happen to your business! This IS a big deal, and it is a HUGE problem if the kitchen staff and management doesn't take the seriously fact that what they serve can make someone very, very sick.
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