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by gracep

Review: I came in the last hour of business on one day so I didn't have many choices. I still found 3 items that I wanted, though. They were the orange flower sweet cupcake, Lebanese savoury cupcake, and toffee cheesecake. The orange flower cupcake had a topping on it that looked like icing but tasted like it was made predominantly out of semolina. "What the hey!" I figured, and gave it a go. It was pretty much terrible. The orange flower water flavour was way, wayy too strong in it. Easily solved by wiping the topping off, though. But then the cupcake itself was also a bit iffy. The texture was good and there was a satisfying caramlisation on the upper surface, but the flavour was just okay. The Lebanese cupcake was pretty gross. I ate it anyway because in Paris there's not much to eat as a vegan and the things from this cupcake store were my 7pm breakfast (don't judge me). Anyway, it certainly taste felafel-y, but it was way, way too strong on the cumin and the texture was weird. I think it had too much of some kind of rising substance in it, because the inside of it had like a crumpet texture....The cheesecake was the best part, which was surprising, since on here a lot of people have given unenthusiastic reviews of the cheesecakes. There was a thick chocolate ganache on top which was very rich and a cookie crust. I actually couldn't finish all of it, and since all I'd had to eat before that in the day was two little cupcakes, that really lets you know just how heavy the sweetness and richness is. I agree with the points about the richness people have mentioned. I say this in relation to the toffee cheesecake. The pieces could be 1/3 or 1/2 smaller and still be enough for me (why don't I just cut them? because I'm traveling and I have no fridge. Also, shush). Even so, I will likely return to the shop. Vegan dessert shops are pretty much non-existent where I come from, and I think this shop, though hit-and-miss, is promising. It's kinda far away from my hotel, but dat toffee cheesecake. But as a real vanilla fan, I found it disappointing that almost everything was chocolate.


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