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by Kabalan

Review: During my many visits to this vegan restaurant, the food has been consistent and never disappointing. Vegetarians who prefer less salty and less spicy food will love this place owned and run by three generations of women, who do the cooking themselves. MMostly baked or steamed, the food is seldom oily, and I can almost taste the love and care devoted to the food. Quality of the ingredients is high, many of which are organic (from their affiliated farm) or handmade daily on the spot, including tofu and mock meat. It is a self-service buffet with minimal service, so you're expected to find the seating yourself (unless you make a reservation) and even return your own used dishes to the right-hand corner at the open kitchen area (which is clean and professionally maintained) after you are done. But they are friendly and responsive. Because I have recently been extensively working and travelling overseas, I rarely go there these days, perhaps only a couple of times this year. Nonetheless, their genuine welcome never ceases to expire. No wonder the place is almost always bustling. Many of their customers are health conscious regulars. (They don't even use sugar here. Instead, fruits are used to sweeten their dishes.) Probably the oldest vegetarian restaurant in South Korea with over 16 years in operation, this restaurant is located in the heart of Southern Seoul (aka Gangnam) and is wholeheartedly recommended to anyone interested in milder and healthier versions of Korean as well as western-style dishes, such as spagetti, cabbage rolls (one of my favorites), eggplant with mushroom and tomato, potatos baked with herbs, soy quesadilla, fruit salad with cashnut dressing, broccoli with mushroom, mock meat bulgogi, brown rice seaweed sushi, glass noodle (jab chae), rice cake (tok bok gi), pumpkin soup, cold noodle and others. You can check out their website. Although only in Korean, their sumptuous dishes are shown in colorful photos if you click on the left-hand icons under Menu section. You can also buy mock meat and dumplings, bread and cookies, noodles and ramen, soy milk and fruit juice, dried fruits and nuts, and other health food items. The manager speaks some English. Summation: A refreshing and welcome departure from typical hot and spicy food that took over most Korean eateries. Personally, it would be perfect if it goes garlic and (green) onion-free, though even now their judiciously sparing use of them is a rarity among Korean restaurants these days.


Posted by Kabalan on Friday, July 10, 2009
Oops! I forgot to link their website, which is
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