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by gracep

Review: I'm so glad I decided to visit this place. The staff were probably the best I've ever come across in a restaurant. They were so warm and genuine and it felt like they really had their heart in the job. The husband especially had plenty of interesting conversation to make, and both the husband and the wife made me feel very much like this was a place I wanted to be giving business to. So, then, how was the food? I think it'd be best described as "lovely." It was healthy and homestyle, but usually when I hear those adjectives, I just think of bland stuff that I'll eat if nothing else is available but which I wouldn't ever choose as my first meal preference. Here, the food feels healthy but is also flavourful. It's the perfect illustration of how food doesn't always need to be complex to be satisfying, and I say that not because the food was overly simple, but because it wasn't presented in a fancy way or anything. The flavour spoke for itself, and even though I was eating a small pie with a plate full of salad, I didn't feel left wanting (though I did have the dessert, which was a comforting fig and apple tart whose crust had a delicious, melt in your mouth texture and whose apples had the perfect combination of softness and residual crispness). My only word of warning is that I think I got there like halfway through their hours and they were running pretty low on their pies. This and the relatively small number of meal choices are understandable, though--they do everything themselves in that kitchen. I'd simply suggest to get there earlier rather than later, but if you do miss out, they do great things with salad, so don't be disheartened! Cafe Ginger was great, and it really reminded me of a restaurant I love back home. I think I'll be going back before I leave Paris if I have the time. The owners are simply fantastic (and had knowledge of veganism and what there is for vegans in Paris, as well as English skills) and I found the food both tasty and health-conscious, characteristics which aren't often well-balanced. I also found it remarkably economical for a place that is referred to as "moderate" in price on Happy Cow--I got the pie with a big plate of mixed salads and the dessert for 14 euros. In Paris, I find that a pretty good deal!


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