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by ambrella

Review: Just moved to GR from Chicago. My man and I were excited to hear about the Bartertown Diner (it is an all veg restaurant in Grand Rapids, for peets sake!). One of the first things I noticed were the antlers hanging from a chandelier. This was perplexing but I didn't want to let it distract from the overall dining experience because I so wanted this place to be awesome. Our server's [edit by staff] attitude matched the ironic atmosphere to a T. She complained about how busy the place was and then she walked away before we finished ordering, which I hate. Then I noticed the cups-Ball jar things with horns as handles. Okay...Now...why would a vegetarian restaurant decorate with dead animal parts? We discussed this as we waited for our food and came to the conclusion that is is cool for hipsters do use antlers and horns and such in their decor and this was not an ethically veg place. Please let the food be good. The food (what we did get a chance to order) was mediocre. Its was something that I could have cooked in less time and it was definitely not worth $9. I ordered the Reuben which was pretty bland and I couldn't help making the comparison to The Chicago Diner's Radical Reuben, which is awesome. The Bartertown Diner's whole sch-peel is that they source their produce locally, which I couldn't care less about (Have you read "Just Food"?). Of course, they draw quite the crowd of yuppies. Overall, we left this place missing Chicago and the myriad of vegan food choices there. However, I do recommend Grand Rapids' Stella's Lounge for vegan food without the 'tude.


Posted by ang_renee on Thursday, March 8, 2012
I think Bartertown and vegan restaurants in general might be better without your patronage. anyone who knows vegan food in gr knows that bartertown is the real deal. sourcing food locally supports our local farmers and our local economy. you can have a problem with the decor even though I am pretty sure it is all done second hand but the food is amazing and the staff is passionate... also for the record, I am pretty sure the chef who started bartertown did the menu for Stellas. so saying you like stellas is like saying your fifth grade homework is more advanced then your college thesis. I will continue to eat there as often as I can.
Posted by NenaRamirez on Monday, April 23, 2012
For the record...deer shed their antlers naturally. I am vegan and find no problem with that decor because more than likely, being that you were in Michigan, there is an abundance of shed antlers to be found.
Posted by LoLaBeTh29 on Friday, August 2, 2013
How sad, I am a vegan, but prior to becoming a vegan I wanted my food to be local. It's crucial, more now than ever, that we support locally grown and supplied food sources. As the other reply suggested, deer, do indeed, shed their antlers. If you got to know your new state, you'd discover there's a lot you DON'T know. I guess ignorance is best for you, but feel free to KEEP out of Bartertown, they don't deserve your idiocy.
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