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by Lotus108

Review: A friend and I had heard about the new raw/vegan restaurant in downtown GR. We were excited to say the least! The decor is sweet and adorable with recycled materials hanging from the walls and ceilings. However, our visual eye had taken a backseat quickly to the bland, flavorless "trash plate" and worst customer service, by the owner no less! When my lovely friend suggested that the meal was not what she had hoped or expected, the server/owner asked her very abruptly "Well what's wrong with it?", so with velvet gloves and feeling guilty for trying to send the meal back my friend replies, "It just was a salad and not what the menu described, I guess I can just pick at it, no worries". The server/owner says "Okay good" very rudely and walks away. I decided to switch meals with my friend due to the fact that I was going to order a salad had this locally owned raw/vegan restaurant had salads on their menu ( I mean whaa? how can you NOT have salads on your menu when you are a vegan/raw restaurant?) So, I traded my tacos, which are okay at best for the Trash Plate that was clearly a "salad" that the server/owner said they didnt have any of.. Hmmm.. It was the worst, flavorless dish I had ever had. I might of just been eating watered down lettuce with some soggy veg. Absolutely horrible. We put the literal trash plate off to the side and ask for our check. We receive our check and you guessed it, the there was the price of 9 dollars added to our bill for the legendary "trash". I said we are not going to pay for that, and I explained in a very kind way why it was subpar at best. She continued to argue with me and said "If you don't pay for it then I have too", I said "Why would you have to pay for it?" She said "because I am the owner and I can't afford to pay for a meal that you didn't like for no reason". I said "so this is why you have such an entitled attitude towards our disdain with the dish?" and she shaking her head said "yes". I said "Okay, I guess we won't be back"... She said very abruptly "Fine!". We paid for the rubbish plate and decided that that is one vegan/raw restaurant that will probably leave GR as fast as it came in.. BAD customer service and even worse food. I recommend to stay as clear from the snarky owner and Bartertown as possible. Update~I left a comment on the facebook page of Bartertown, now they say I didnt pay my full bill and they are taking action? This is absurd. We paid our full bill. Snarky indeed.


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