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by MarkUser

Review: gonna have to knock this place down a peg. the prices on everything just went up at least 1$ even on the cheaper 5-6$ items. i can't really justify paying 10-11$ for a tofu burger. i realize food costs are going up but i'm sure your profit margins are still very high. also the 10% discount for students is pretty insulting. what about those of us who don't get 10k a year in gov loans to be taught a bunch of lies (my tax money). anyway sorry guys, used to be my favorite but won't be visiting nearly as often now. i'm sure there will be some response about overhead, employee cost, rising food costs bla bla bla, but there is no way your eugenewhich costs more than 3$ to make, and 10.50$ is just too expensive on that. how about just giving everyone a fair price and quit with the discounts for starters? the hot wings went from 6-7$? just 5 pieces of soy dipped in hot sauce? this is the 2nd major price increase in the last year. you need to realize that customers are taking note of this and the increase in prices is not going to make up for the loss of business as a result. but do as you please, i just won't be bringing anymore friends there, i was actually embarrassed today when i brought someone there for the first time and saw the ridiculous prices. my friends reaction "wow this is pretty expensive for vegetarian food". Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 29, 2013


Posted by goldenrae2001 on Monday, March 11, 2013
Yes, our costs continue to rise. We cannot stay in business if we don't raise our menu prices from times to time. We are an organic cafe and make just about every single item from scratch. Our overhead is EXTREMELY high. We are not making a profit yet. Cornbread exists currently to provide great food and service to the community and create a lot of jobs. We don't have any sandwich on the menu that is $11. Our Eugenewich, which comes with a side dish, is $10.50. Our Build-Your-Own Meals, which are a LOT of food, are $11. Our pasta meals, which come with salad/soup and garlic bread (generous portions) are $12. Here is what it takes to make our Hot Things: Cut and bake the organic tofu (which just increased in price), make organic "egg" mixture and the organic flour dredge. Make the buffalo sauce and ranch dressing (dressing consists of organic Vegenaise, organic soymilk, and organic seasonings. It is four large pieces, served with ranch dressing and raw carrots and celery and is worth the price.

There are plenty of students who are poor. We also give discounts to senior citizens, folks who bike, walk and ride the bus, and buy their gas at SeQuential. We also just did a Living Social promotion as a thank you to our customers, giving over $1,000 of free food away.

We are busier now than we have ever been. I think we are doing something right.

Posted by MarkUser on Sunday, March 24, 2013
If you think you're busier because you increased prices you are crazy. How much busier would you be if you didn't?

The cost of your tofu sandwich did not increase 3$ in the last year and a half. You can argue semantics and say the 11$ sandwich is 10.50 but the fact is you are the most expensive vegetarian restaurant in town by far, probably close to the most expensive restaurant in town period.

Your build-your-own meals nor your pasta are what I would consider "a lot of food". Especially for the 12$ price tag.

Your Wings are not worth the price. You can over elaborate the ingredients but its nothing but tofu, soy based sauces (most premade) & flour. For 7$? Your concept of what money is worth is insane.

That's great you gave away 1000$, how about knocking 1$ off 1000 entrees for your loyal customers instead?

I've personally stopped myself and 2 others from going to cornbread, your prices are embarassing even to meat eaters which should say something. I haven't been there in months, whereas I used to be there twice a week. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, I'm not just some angry customer I am telling you your business is going to fail if you go down this path, but do as you please. Great at cooking, lousy at business. Can't have it all I guess.
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