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by phoray

Review: Good stuff, 3-5 vegan options clearly listed on the menu. The fruit is actually edible, not that pre sliced fruit other restaurants keep on ice in the fridge till it's gross at all. Even though they didn't list Frappicinos on the menu, the barista whipped one up (vegan version) for me anyway. They even have raw food desserts. My omnivore friend loved her vegetarian wrap and said she would visit again herself.


Posted by phoray on Tuesday, June 12, 2012
2 months later, I am very upset. Just posted this on their facebook page. This vegan has been a months long customer. I've brought friends. I've brought family. Almost every visit, I got a special frappe made just for me. Being Vegan, I asked the usual questions about ingredients my first order. The server assured me that it was a vegan drink. Each time I arrived for subsequent visits, I ordered specifically vegan things, and asked about specific meal choices to assure I was following my morals. Today, due to the fact I was on a diet, I wanted to see the nutritional information. And came to learn that I had been served a very obviously non vegan drink. The server seemed nonchalant when I found out the mistake; after all, only my morals have been broken it's not like I died... No big? I am very disappointed. I expect a place that caters to vegans to actually know what veganism is. You've broken my trust to know what you're talking about and to be able to serve my needs. If I have to ask about every single ingredient, and the ingredients of your ingredients, then what makes you better than any other random restaurant? I chose to visit because you advertised as catering to vegans, but then your servers don't know what it means... or don't care enough... to know which of your ingredients are actually thus. ALSO... your fruit smoothie was gross. what are you, Mcdonalds? that your "fresh fruit smoothie" is made from something that is essentially blueberry syrup with 180 calories per 4 oz and 45 grams of sugar. Coming from a gal who eats REAL fruit smooothies all the time, maybe you should make space in your freezer for real fruit. They hold up really well over time. Promise.
Posted by stacie1128 on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
This post is ridiculous. I'm the owner-operator of Earth Friends Cafe, I am Vegan, and I can promise you this cafe is very conscious of catering to Vegans. We use Earth Balance butter across the board on everything, Veganaise for mayo, our soups are 100% Vegan. There are non-Vegan items at the cafe, including chicken sourced from a local farm in Kentucky and milk from an Indiana farm, however, we offer almond milk, soymilk and coconut milk options. We have "power" smoothies which use organic fruit. We do stock sugar laden fruit smoothies that are bought already mix - as all coffee shops do - and not healthy, but people want them, so we sell them. We don't pretend they are healthy. We are obviously not McDonald's due the fact that we source all of our meats, cheeses (Organic Valley) and milk from animals that have had lives in the outdoors. The staff member who waited on this person was confused by the fact that she was in fact Vegan due to comments made and previous orders. This particular person had been ordering caramel sauce - commonly known to contain milk - with almond milk for a latte. IT IS NOT UNCOMMON for patrons to be order alternate milks and not be vegan. We have all kinds of people who come in with food sensitivities that are not vegan, but do not eat dairy. It can become very confusing. However, due to this unfortunate incident, we are designing a separate clean menu specifically for Vegans, and when any questions are asked to trigger someone may be Vegan - we will outright ask if the person is Vegan. We are a peaceful place that is big on good service, morals with food, and respecting one's dietary choices.
Posted by phoray on Sunday, August 11, 2013
I guess this will be a two part reply, as HC is being weird.


A yr later, I was clicking through FB messages and came across a yr old message from the owner of this establishment- That I NEVER read until now.

The sequence of events.
1. I complained on their FB page.
2. The complaint was removed with no comment made to me (as far as I then knew)
3. Feeling angry for being "silenced" I posted my complaint on Happycow, a place she could not silence me.
4. She made a not so nice response to my review, right here on Happycow.
5. This solidified my dislike of the owner as someone who would not only ignore a complaint; but seemed to also like arguing with a customer.
Posted by phoray on Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reading the message she sent me, it seemed she was deeply upset such a mistake had been made, and offered freebies and a promise to talk to her employees. I never read this message. I really wish I had.

However, after our back and forthing on Happycow (which you can read here on HC) a year ago, she sent a follow up message.

Her exact words:
""please go away. Take responsibility for being Vegan. You have to ask a lot of questions. We offer the public options, but you have a huge responsibility in making sure you don't eat non-Vegan. If you eat sugar you are eating charred animals. You sound like an uneducated angry child. We do not need your energy in our cafe. If you are seen here, you will be asked to leave.""

So, after reading the 1st message, for 2 seconds, I reconsidered giving her my business again. Obviously it had been an honest mistake on my part, as I don't use FB much. But the follow up message (I'm supposing in response to my happycow review a yr ago)was rather... immature. As a business, people talk about you; and sometimes silence is the best answer if you can't formulate a calm reply lacking name calling.

I'm in charge of the dine out events of the Louisville Vegetarian Initiative. I have gone out of my way not to frequent her cafe, due to previous misunderstood discourse, with my groups of 5-20. I will continue not to do so as I am "an uneducated angry child." Putting that aside, apparently I would be asked to leave; simply for airing my complaint publicly enough to tick off the owner. Interesting.
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