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Review: It's okay. Wish it were more, but it's not. The service was nice. The food was middle of the road. Some thoughts: 1) Be a bit more open to substitutes. Yes, in my mind breakfast and potatoes go hand in hand, especially when having a "scramble". The wait person was very firm that I had to order the potatoes as a side. I did so. But really, for the extra buck or two in cost, is it worth having to say no to a paying customer? It's not like the place was hopping. (They did the same thing to the table next to us, over a cup of soup instead of salad. Those folks were none too happy about it) 2) A "scramble" is NOT a stir fry. What I got was okay, if a lot bland, but was nothing at all like a breakfast "scramble". Chunks of protein with veggies. 3) Get table and chairs that are the same hight. I do not wish to slouch while eating. 4) Tap water, really? Just how much is Britta these days? Will I be back? Will the table next to ours? Not very likely. Yes, it's the only Vegan eating joint in SB, and that is so very cool. I'd say that if the owners let go of some ego and preconceived notions, and listen to their customers, they will have a change at making this place a go. Otherwise, I'd be very surprised to see this lasting more than another six months.


Posted by adama on Friday, February 22, 2013
I am so sorry that you had a bad experience. We made a decision to install a very expensive filtration system since the accumulation of empty water bottles is grievous to us, even though so many people ask for bottled water. We thought it would be better to just bottle our own and make it significantly less expensive than the commercial bottles. I guess we need to rethink it. Your input is always appreciated. You have a good point with the soup. We should have an option to substitute a cup of soup for a charge instead of the salad. The rice, beans, and quinoa are obviously prepared and then sauteed per order. Potatoes, however, are cut and cooked from scratch with each order and represent more time and labor, and as such don't make a good substitution for us as a business. And the protein scramble, which I suppose could be called a skillet, is very popular. I hope that you are wrong about our ultimate demise. And I have very little ego left. I am totally open to the feedback of my customers and have changed the menu a hundred times in the last three months, using the very astute suggestions of my customers, whose opinions I value and respect.
Posted by Chuck on Friday, February 22, 2013
It's very refreshing to see such a responsive restaurant owner! Not only that, but your restaurant is fully vegan. I'll definitely be coming up from Los Angeles to give you all a try soon!
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