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by FinalTwilight

Review: So, I went here with two other people, with high hopes. This place has been talked up on vegan blogs and people have generally been super excited about Memphis's first all-vegan locale. But, well, I found it wanting for a lot. Sadly. I really wanted this place to be awesome. I'll start off by saying the food was at least decent. Nothing was horrible or made any of us want to stop eating or send things back. So, maybe that's something. And we each tried several things. We started off with the cheese sticks and dogs in a blanket apps, which were definitely the best part, ad those two items were very good. But then nothing else was anywhere near as good. I got the french dip, my friends got the mahi mahi and a grilled chicken sandwich. The sides we tried were the carrots, mac and cheese, and green beans. The sides were the worst in that they reminded us all so much of school cafeteria food... just really mushy, lukewarm, overcooked... ugh. I mean, again, not disgusting.. just like.. felt like we were eating reheated frozen tv dinner sides. The main courses left a lot to be desired... they were also just kinda mushy and not presented very well.. the sandwiches were just the bread and meat, you know... just not really impressive. Then we had dessert, figuring dessert's pretty hard to mess up. And the dessert was more acceptable than the meal, I'd say. The chocolate ganache cake was actually really good. The cookies and cream cake was just okay... nothing special, but not bad. And we got a banana split, too, which had all the right ingredients, and I think with better presentation (and more banana) could have been a real winner, but it was just half a banana spliced in half covered in a mess of vanilla ice cream and some whip cream with some strawberry stuff plopped over that. It tasted okay, but like everything else, could have benefited a lot from effort on the presentation end. So, all in all I was glad to support a vegan business. But I've been to many vegan eateries around the country, and this place hardly passed as acceptable.. I would not take non-vegans here unless they're very non-picky eaters who think cafeteria food/reheated tv dinners are lovely. But I do hope Imagine stays in business and maybe gets their shit together sooner than later.


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