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by kissme926

Review: Well it was one of those Friday nights again when you want to go somewhere, and our family couldnt decide what salad-friendly place to go to (we're trying to eat more raw foods).We got lost going to one place, and with hunger turning us into monsters, had to figure some place out fast as 2 of our 3 kids were now asleep! Have you ever seen the video "Drive-Thru" by Weird Al Yankovic? That's kind of like the mood we were in last night lol. Video Link: So, i remembered Pizza Pi! So much for raw foods. They did have salads on the menu, but When we got there at 9:35pm and starving, we were delighted to find they had many new flavors, like Thai "Chicken," "Field Roast Pizza" and many others! :) We sat around and sat around, and then I said "when did you order?" My husband said, "oh i haven't." I looked at another guy standing at the cashier and I said, "well, i think you order at the counter." So like uh, now it's almost closing time when we finally order. It would have been nice if the guy behind the cashier had smiled and said "welcome! tell me when you want to order.." Soo, we finally got 2 new ones we hadn't tried: Pink Lady with added "ham," and Philly Cheesesteak. Both were AWESOME! The Pink Lady had lots of really improved tomato pizza sauce and loads the melted fake cheese and veggies. The Philly Cheesesteak had lots of a salty garlicky sauce on it that was very good (but i doubt was good for us lol) and tons of cooked onions which added a very neat flavor between those 2 I hadn't ever had on a pizza. THEN, when we got the pizzas, they were put in to-go boxes and it was 9:59pm, right before closing. Rememering that we had no customers service when we first got there, I asked the cashier guy if we could eat there for a few minutes first. He reluctantly said yes, so we did. It was so good it was hard to stop! Then to my dismay, the music is turned off and all we hear is us our own chewing and, oh yeah, the cashier clanking around change like they do when they're trying to leave. I wanted to say "hey can you turn the music back on just for a couple more minutes or until we leave please?" but i didn't feel like getting into it. That was our punishment for being there around 9:30. DONT GO THERE PAST 9 IF YOU WANT A NICE DINE-IN EXPERIENCE. So, great pizza? YES! Way improved! Way to go!OUTGOING and friendly staff? NO. Maybe one day Pizza Pi will serve up some customer serv w/their pies.


Posted by SeattleVegan on Friday, February 22, 2013
I'm lost did you get bad customer service or were you a bad customer? I see you said they were bad to you, yet out of YOUR very own text you admitted to going in 30 minutes before closing, FAILED to order YOUR food at the cash register for crying out loud and when you asked to eat at a facility that is closed they allowed you to do so, yet you find a way to STILL complain about the people doing their job (closing). I wished they used the right to refuse service to anyone in this case. Do you live in Seattle? I highly doubt it, have you seen the amount of free loaders who come in and sit down and never order a thing? I'm sure you meant to say GREAT FOOD even when I am acting like a child.
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