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by Veganryche

Review: I was trying to give Cafe Flora more chances from downfalls in past with things like putting honey in "vegan" dishes/desserts without telling us but after our experience on Valentine's Day, we won't be going back. Here's what happened: I made the reservations a month in advance, they said I could specify a table and I had to choose from the menu, exactly what we wanted ahead of time because they were going to make dinners by the numbers ordered and you could not mix and match veggie, vegan and vegan, gluten free options, you had to pick either one or the other. So, we ordered one vegan and one vegan, gluten free with a table next to the fountain. I thought, how nice. I chose the vegan, gluten free option specifically so I could get the type of dessert (a vanilla custard type dish) they offered with that meal and because I am eating a vegan, gluten free diet. OK, month later...we get there and wait nearly 20 minutes to be seated (when we have reservations) and we don't get the table we reserved, instead we get a table by the window. We were like, ok...and gave them the benefit of the doubt since they were busy etc. etc. Then they gave us the menus and the courses were not in the order that was on the website, the salads were now after the entree's. The waitress said when we sit down that we can pick what we want (which we thought was kind of weird since we were told we had to chose ahead of time), we say what we had ordered. For dessert, the waitress says we can chose what we want again so I say and she comes back and says oh, that's only for our vegan, gluten free guests. I inform her that I am one of those guests as I ordered a month in advance. Oops, they are all out of that dessert (because they've been letting people order whatever they want for dessert, and they only pre-made enough for the vegan, gluten free people who ordered ahead of time--it's not like we had late reservations, and they are already out?!). Then she says, oh but we have another dessert, white cake that she thinks is gluten free...she goes to check and comes back, sorry, that's not even vegan! I do not eat anything but vegan. We end up with two vegan, chocolate cakes, that aren't gluten free...and a less then heartfelt apology. Sheesh! Needless to say, it was a less than pleasant experience on what was supposed to be a very nice, romantic, Valentine's Day dinner. We made the best of it but we won't be back. The lowest rating option for a veggie place is 2 cows.


Posted by kindlizard on Thursday, January 27, 2011
they certainly have their service issues, led mostly by the hostess who is very mean. the servers themselves, for the most part, were nice... i find service to be a major issue everywhere (except one place) in Seattle.
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