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by Seahorsea

Review: Before I say anything else, I'd like to say that I am pleased and appreciative that there is actually a vegan restaurant in Hamburg! I read the reviews online, and came here quite excited to maybe finally experience some amazing vegan food in Germany, as so far I haven't experienced anything worth repeating. I am also someone who spends quite a bit of time on the west coast of the United States, where one can be spoiled with so much choices and abundance of healthy, organic, vibrant vegan food. So I do have quite a high standard I suppose..... That said, I do feel compelled to say, that our dinner at Leaf was hugely disappointing. Huge plates with small portions and a high price. Lots of dishes relying on seitan, tofu, and flour, which I find all quite unhealthy. No fresh greens or raw salads of any kind. Strange food combining, with melon in some savory dishes, which nutritionally, to me spells bad digestion. Our salad was nothing more than a tiny pile of shaved cucumbers with some nori in a sauce and a little chunk of grilled little food and not very satisfying. We had a creamy green bean soup that said it had smoked tofu, which was more like those little soy protein crumbles. OK flavour for a soup but very very little served in the biggest bowl I've ever seen. The main dish was the worst. There were four choices- 2 with seitan, one with polenta, and I forget the last. I normally don't go for seitan but we thought we'd give it a try without so many options. It was just a big pile of seitan with a port-wine sauce and some kind of floury white gratin. It was seriously like bland cafeteria food. Sad. After all this, I wasn't brave enough nor wanted to spend another 10 Euro on dessert. Just not very tasty flavorful food...some creative ideas and unusual combinations but it didn't all meld into a sensational delicious experience for my palate. I feel a bit bad to say it, with so many glowing reviews, and I can say the place is cute and cozy, and our server was friendly (for German eating-out standards....) But honestly the food, in my opinion, was terrible for the price. Updated from previous review on Thursday September 19, 2013


Posted by meringa on Friday, November 22, 2013
Thank you!
I had exactly the same sad and expensive experience in this "restaurant". Bis dishes and nothing healthy on them, i think they work a lot because the strong gentrification in the area :-(
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