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by MartyLouC

Review: Although not a true vegan by any stretch, I love the idea of healthy eating...especially when visiting Austin. I had read all the glowing reviews of CDL and decided to ck it out. Not a TOTAL disappointment but.... almost. Already knowing the "pay first" drill, that was not a shock. Not being able to find a place to sit, kinda was. Since it was 103 outside, the idea was not too appealing. But I plunked down the way overpriced $14/pp Sunday Bufett total and decided to stay positive...or try. There is little or no service expectation here so don't think you will be catered to. First, the only drinking vessels were coffee mugs...seems they were out of glasses.....oh and apparenly one cant get ice here.? Odd. Nothing like lukewarm tea in a glass. I guess im just not an extreme vegan or health nut. Dont even think of looking for sugar. :) The food was decent and consisted of salad, greens, and rice, soup. I wanted to get a glass of water glasses ....again. I know people love this place, but I can't say that I'll return. Just not for me. At $14 a head for some warm tea, greens, pinto beans and to sit in the heat....I think I got burned out :(


Wayo Longoria
Posted by Wayo Longoria on Friday, February 22, 2013
Going to Casa de Luz needs explaining to those new to Macrobiotics (The Great Life). Notice that Casa de Luz does not advertise nor does it have a large sign enticing people to eat there. It is also tucked away from principle streets and then it is in a somewhat hidden place near the back of the campus. This works because what is happening is not obvious.
Casa de Luz is a non profit organization that has a mission to educate. Eating simple un-industrialized, 100% organic and plant based food is an acquired taste. Once acquired, people celebrate their freedom from illness and regale in the deliciousness of their reset taste buds. It takes time and dedication to change to this way.
I am amazed and in wonder that Casa de Luz continues strong after more than 20 years and what is taught is coming of age thanks to authors like Michael Pollan ("The Omnivore's dilemma"), Colin Campbell ("The China Study") and documentaries like "Forks over Knives."
We, at Casa de Luz, understand that not everyone is ready for what we do, but, when people are ready, we hope to be there for them for another 20 years.
As for the price, Casa de Luz breaks even financially, which means that we are selling the food at cost. Our focus is to give people an experiential education into a simple healing way of getting nutrition and community.
Casa de Luz is more similar to a church than a restaurant. In fact, the people that work at Casa de Luz are asked to not refer to Casa as a restaurant. This is very important because, if Casa is compared to a restaurant, the real value is easily lost.
A good way to experience Casa de Luz is to volunteer in the kitchen and learn how simple it is to cook this way.
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