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by Barefoot

Review: Casa has a beautiful atmosphere with such a wonderful community of people, its hard to not want to come back. But for being a macrobiotic (or macrophsycotic for some)resaurant a lot of important things go overlooked... For example the tamari that they put in EVERYTHING contains iodized table salt instead of sea salt. When they management found out, they did't mention it to the customers... Granted, you dont want to look bad when make a mistake like that, but when people are coming to Casa to eat because they have cancer or some other serious concern, you shouldn't fool them in to unhealth. Their have been other various accounts of slip ups that they have decided to ride out, sugar in the bottle drinks, dairy in the chutney, gluten when it says "gluten free" on the menu. Claiming to be completely organic when only about 50% of the food really is... Its really sad to see the standards drop lower and lower for this beautiful place. In the future I wish to see more of the community working with the management to listen and share ideas for upholding the macrobiotic title, which really is the only thing that keeps them in buisness. The food is wonderful the lead cooks are spectacular at bringing flavors together. I love all of the community, most of which visit on a daily basis. All of the employees rock and I'm glad I got to know Casa de Luz, its definately part of my heart.


Wayo Longoria
Posted by Wayo Longoria on Saturday, February 25, 2012
Yes, walking on the ridge of the mountain is a slippery slope. When aiming at perfection, it is easy to miss the mark.

Yet, this commentary is simply not so. We aim at perfection with the knowledge that perfection is impossible. EVERYTHING that we do at Casa de Luz is aimed to provide healing for people with catastrophic illnesses. We welcome criticism. We are constantly looking to do it better. We don't claim to know what best is. There is a 27 year tradition of refinement at Casa de Luz and we still have a ways to go.
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