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by 3party

Review: I am surprised by some of the negative comments about this restaurant. Although I no longer live in Eugene, when I did, I ate there often, from the time that it opened a few years back. I cannot compare Lotus garden with the best Chinese restaurants in Manhattan. Having been a vegetarian for more than half a century, I have also avoided Chinese restaurants for almost as long. The smells of meat and, often, of reused oil, always put me off. Then this restaurant appeared, and even in very vegetarian-friendly Eugene, most people thought a vegan Chinese restaurant wouldn't make it. They were wrong. The food always seems very fresh, and it is reliably vegan right down to the candy that comes with the check. The premises have none of the above-mentioned scents, and it is an exceptionally clean establishment. This is not the place to find authentically spicy Chinese food, but everything I have tried is wholesome, and tasty enough. I love spicy (Indian) food, but that is not what this place is about. But it isn't bland either. My only gripe is that they have all these fake-meat names for the entrées, like "Chicken," "Steak," etc. If you can get past that (and no booze, although you may bring your own), I strongly recommend this restaurant. (p.s. I am very surprised to see people referring to their using MSG. If true, that's new. Tell them to hold the MSG. Everything is prepared from scratch.)


Posted by redsoxvegan on Monday, August 25, 2008
Kindlizard, your comment is very misleading and basically untrue. You seem to take pleasure in going to extreme lengths to downgrade what is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Every single goddamn entree is made from scratch, to order as are all the soups, the potstickers and the spring rolls. The sweet and sour sauce is homemade from scratch, as is the potsticker sauce, and the hot mustard. The longevity buns, steamed vegetable buns and mu shu wrappers are the only things that are bought readymade, and the first two are slow sellers, and I challenge you to find a place that makes its own mu shu wrappers. I am friends with Chris (waiter with the red beard who left a little while ago) and Eric (the guy who works there now), so I have this on the highest authority.
Posted by kindlizard on Tuesday, August 4, 2009
So MSG is heard from your highest authority from Eric himself atop the page. I will accept your apology if you ever login again.
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