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by SynthVegan

Review: I really wanted to eat here mainly because it's a new vegan restaurant in Chicago. I made two attempts to eat here, the first time I went during their stated hours of operation and there were no lights on when we drove by, so call before you go. The second time is a whole different story. Let me start by saying that this establishment is not in the best area of town, that said, the area is very sketchy. So during our second attempt we actually got out of the car and walked by the place. It looked very seedy on the inside, so much so that my friend expressed he was weary of eating food from the establishment. I agreed to pass on eating there, mainly because it just didn't look up to par and I was uncomfortable with the place overall. I'm pretty adventurous and open minded when it comes to eating at veg*n places, slightly sketchy or not, but something told me to skip this place. All of that said, just be mindful of what you're in for. I hope they grow and create an environment inside that would make people comfortable to dine there. 2 Cows for their vegan efforts.


Posted by ChicagoKate on Friday, February 22, 2013
Sketchy neighborhood? Really? It's in the heart of Beverly, one of the safest and wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire city with some awesome homes nearby. Seriously, this is NOT a sketchy area in the least. But parking is definitely an issue, since it is on 95th. Other than that, the food is pretty good, but defititely for carry-out only.
Posted by SynthVegan on Friday, February 22, 2013
ChicagoKate- We took 95th street there from the interstate and the whole ride was sketchy. Perhaps it's nicer further west?
Posted by randomuser1105 on Friday, February 22, 2013
Please let us know what's so "sketchy" about Beverly. I don't know if you were actually at Sistah's or not because nothing you described is accurate. The restaurant is located in a nice area. I've eaten here twice and the food was great. It doesn't even sound like you went in. If you didn't, your "review" is a totally misleading waste of time.
Posted by purrgirl on Friday, February 22, 2013
I agree with ChicagoKate - Sketchy?? Not! Just because you didn't like the ride in -don't take it out on the restaurant - I mean, you didn't even eat there or go in. What exactly is sketchy about? I used to go to Southtown Health Foods all the time which is right down the like 20 years ago and I never had a problem and the area never seemed "sketchy" to me and I grew up on the SW side. I think you should remove your review and only do one if you eat at some place. Reviews should be on the food not about the neighborhood and this is a very nice neighborhood.
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