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by EEJ

Review: The Judge's Bench Pub is known for having a wide variety of craft beers - it is a beer aficinoado's dream bar. As someone who enjoys drinking a few strong beers (7 - 9% alcohol content is not atypical of some of the Bench's selections), it's important to also be able to eat while I'm drinking. The Judge's Bench has always had a few vegetarian items - like fries and salads - but not a whole lot of "stick to your ribs" dishes. In the past year or so they have added a number of specifically VEGAN items making it really easy for me to stay for another beer! I've tried the following dishes at the Judge's Bench: bean and rice burrito, lentil burger, spaghetti and marinara with vegan croquettes, hummus appetizer, veggie pizza ordered without cheese (unfortunately they haven't started using vegan cheese). I've also tried some specials that have usually only lasted a few weeks: vegan "crab" cakes and vegan sausage and mushroom quiche. It's good bar food that really hits the spot when you're having a few beers at happy hour! If you stay through Happy Hour until 9, then you can hear live music any night. They even have an open mic night on Tuesdays. If you're not into live music, the second floor has foosball, a jukebox, HD TV, and lounge chairs - it's like hanging out in someone's living room.


Posted by williamwj on Friday, February 22, 2013
I didn't see your review when I was composing mine, but when I went there the other day(late August), there were only two vegan items on the menu. The bean burritos and the lentil burger.

1) Did I just miss a bunch of things, or are the other vegan items you mentioned all specials?

2) Is their lentil burger any good? I have been many places and have never gotten a decent veggie burger from a restaurant, so I stopped trying them a while ago.
Posted by EEJ on Friday, February 22, 2013

Thanks for asking. As it turns out, the Spaghetti dish (which is technically a special) had just run out when you were there. I think they have it back now... And the Tofurkey Beer Brat is just being added to the menu. I guess as a vegan who eats a lot of french fries b/c she goes to non-veg-friendly restaurants with friends, I consider 3 - 5 VEGAN items a lot! Sorry if my review misled you.

As for the vegan lentil burger, I like it! It is homemade and so it's pretty delicate - it's not a pre-fab veggie burger from the frozen food section, which is what I typically get at restaurants. I think it might not be chewy enough for some people (it isn't made with soy or seitan or anything), but I really like that it's just lentils, onions, and some other organic ingredients. If you go back and try it some time, let me know what you think!
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