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by iggeek

Review: Most of the reviews here are from 2007, and so I went to Kaya's expecting it to be an all round excellent restaurant; great food, service, ambiance, etc. I've gone there twice in the last month with my husband, and the food has been totally delicious, scrape your plate good. But the service is really bad. And the place looks like it has not been maintained. There were dead flies on the window ledge that we were sitting next to. The silverware and plates always seem kind of nasty. The waitress is not attentive, and you don't get the feeling that you've come to eat out at a restaurant. It's like you're eating at a place that's trying to be a restaurant, but should be a fast food joint. I get the feeling that the owners are thinking, "well the vegans really don't have other choices, so I don't see why I have to try". And, it's true. I don't have other choices, and I really like the food. But when I go out to eat and pay $50 for dinner for two, I don't like to get that nasty feeling I get when I have to eat at a rest stop in the middle of no where. So I recommend taking out your food from Kaya's kitchen and having your dinner at the beach. Again, the food is totally delicious.


Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
So you signed up on the website just to be nasty about a really great place run by awesome people. First, "desert" is hard to believe since its on the NJ shore, blocks from the ocean, though the sand may have thrown you. Secondly, if the food was "scrape your plate good", the service could not have been as bad as you say. If it was, the food you got would have been ice cold. The food apparently reached you still hot and delicious, so I think your claims against service are grossly overstated. You said you were there twice, yet the plates are "always seem kind of nasty". That is impossible for you to know if they are always nasty, first of all, being that you were there only twice. Perhaps both times you were there you were dissatisfied, but how were your plates nasty? You scraped them clean yourself.

As for your claim about fast food: you are just being rude. Totally unfair. They take their time cooking great quality food. Perhaps you saw a dead fly. How do you know the force of you sitting down next to it while it was on the window did not kill it. That is not the staff's fault. The food is wonderful. The comment about a rest stop in the middle of nowhere is cruel and also unfair. You depict a picture unlike anything at Kaya's. Maybe you've never been to a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, but trust me, you'd be very lucky if it was anything like Kaya's. Shame on you for being so deceptive because your food, which you loved so much, took longer than you thought it should and thereby made you think your waitperson was ignoring you. What did you go wanting for while at Kaya's? Nothing, yet you slam the best place in the state, a place that most folks would be lucky to experience. Shame on you!
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