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by Gorillawar

Review: I think that this is one of the best joints there is around the shore area. The food is usually very good. I go fairly often and have been since the place was Veggieworks. I did have one or two times that I went and felt kind of ripped off by the quality. 98% of the time it is very good. My main issue is that you never know what you are going to get when you go for the Sunday buffet. I would still go because what ever you get, it's usually quite delicious. I usually call ahead to make resrvations and inquire about the content of the buffet and the response is usually "Uh, I dunno. It all depends on what we have around." I went for Father's Day and I also went for Mother's Day and it appeared to have less selection for Father's Day. They also ran out of brown rice and started serving white rice. I think with a little forethought they could have a menu planned for the weekend. I really miss the lunch specials/menu that used to be offered when it was Veggieworks (also the salad bar no longer exists). I know they are two different places but I still miss some of what Veggieworks had. Oh, some of the wait staff needs to improve their professionalism.


Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
Most fine cafes ion the country have rotating menus. Though the menu here is very consistent, they save one day for when they can do a "chef's choice". I would think as consumers we would want to try the inspiration of a chef that day.

The fact that it is a different cafe from before can not be held against this current place either. Lunch specials are not affordable for a cafe serving this high quality cuisine. That is unfair to hold against a cafe that they are different from a previous cafe that has nothing to do with the current.

Other than that your main issue is they ran out of brown rice. I think that is forgivable, don't you?

You forgot to mention in your review how great your experience was.
Posted by Gorillawar on Friday, February 22, 2013
I opened the review with the fact that I think it is one of the best places around. I also included that I understand that they are two different places and I don't hold it against them. I just like salad bars where I eat. Do you work for them? I think it is entirely possible to have lunch prices. There are organic veg*n restaurants in NYC that do it, as well as other cities. I would go more often if it were a little cheaper and in the long run, they would probably make more money. I also have family that are in the restaurant business. They serve high quality food and offer a lunch menu.
Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
No I don't work for them. Look at my reviews, I have 100 of them all over the country. This place isn't being reviewed fairly, not just by you but I believe some really inadequate places try to sabotage his place. The terms of review you agree to state not to mention other places. To wish the old place's salad bar continued or whatever has nothing to do with what is reality and now. Be Here Now.

You are so afraid of the present you are afraid of 'chef's choice' on the Sunday buffet. That I think is really sad that you would be so closed to the flavor of the day. Most chefs appreciate some freedom to express themselves; that you can't appreciate self-expression and creativity is your own problem.

Coast to coast would be a far commute!
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