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by MariaG

Review: I went to Holy Donuts after I heard they had gluten free donuts. When I asked how they cooked the donuts I was told they use the same equipment and oil as the other donuts. This makes them not safe for people with Celiac disease or other serious gluten allergies. The people I spoke with at Holy Donuts didn't seem to think this was a big deal and laughed at me. If this how they treat their gluten free customers, I wouldn't trust them to be vegan either..


Posted by ohshnapper on Friday, February 22, 2013
I would like to be very clear here. We Purposely Display any and all Gluten Free items on the top shelf in a case with other items that are made with wheat.We do this because it is a visual deterrent for those who would suffer from wheat intake. Our GF Baked Goods are for the Gluten Intolerant . If we were providing them for people with Celiacs we would not be selling any thing with wheat in our case or bakery. We are preventative and extra cautious when selling any of our Gluten Free items. Many of us at the Bakery are Gluten Intolerant. we understand the excitement and disappointments that come along with allergies and illness. We are sorry we were unable to serve you a donut. We were up front and honest with you. As I said, at this time any products we serve are made in a kitchen that contains wheat. Our Customers who purchase any GF item are also told" if you send any Gf friends in please let them know our facility contains wheat " I could see you were very disappointed having to leave without a donut. i would love to have another facility in the future dedicated to being wheat free.
Posted by MariaG on Friday, February 22, 2013
You need to educate yourself, because this is deadly serious. If you advertise something as Gluten Free, it is expected to be Gluten Free! Displaying "gluten free" items in the same case does risk cross-contamination, but cooking them in the same oil GUARANTEES they are not gluten free. You are knowingly lying to people and making them sick, for profit. If you continue this practice, I wouldn't be surprised if you were sued.
Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
You should change the term from "gluten-free" to "made with gluten-free ingredients" or "with [whatever] flour". Just like your "vegan" donuts are fried w the bacon for your donuts and cross-contaminated as such in your shop. I tried to ask you about those privately and you refused to respond, only to tell the webmaster I was unfair?! The message won't reach these owners, they try to profit on the hot terms like gluten-free and vegan when they really aren't (sadly).

Maria, if I ever find a vegan & g-f donut recipe I will post it here and pm it to you.
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