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by kindlizard

Review: Holy Donuts started by selling vegan donuts to outlets (HF stores) before they got their shop. However, upon opening their shop, it was disheartening, even disgusting, to see meat all over this place, and very limited vegan options. The momentum the community supported this place with was for vegan food and ideals. We were so excited when it opened but could not have been more appalled and disgusted at the condition. I rarely mention sanitation in reviews, but I wonder if their food handlers all have cards, if the health inspectors have come bc when I was there I saw too many things disregarded, sorry to say. The person behind the counter was eating fast food burgers and didn't wash her hands until we told her to do so, surprisingly, the manager was there and did not suggest the same. Gross and disgusting, the service there was nonchalant and ignorant of what vegan means. It is a crying shame this place serves so much meat! They built their rep by being vegan donuts, yet that is far from what they are about. They are seemingly about whatever sells, and vegan donuts being a niche they did that. Now that Voodoo is in town less so, and I suppose they feel a niche is served by killing animals like every other place in that area. Ask folks on the street, they would tell you it is a vegan joint, but far far away from Truth that is. Pig covered donuts, chicken and cow slain animal entrees, yet we could not get anything other than donuts as vegans is the very sad and pathetic truth. Bakeries should only be listed, imo, if they are all vegan or at least veg. I was beyond grossed out by the place, and don't even buy their donuts at retail outlets any longer. Slippery slope regarding listing a place like this. A vegan donut makes not one veg-friendly said the dead piggie. NOT recommended. This page is hijacked by Facebook spammers. They are asking their FB followers to spam this board. That is so contrary to what Happycow is about. You want an honest Happycow review, not just their friends who just joined today, avoid this place and their donuts at HF stores.


Posted by S1ghk0mantiz on Saturday, June 12, 2010
They actually offer plenty of Vegan option this review is Incorrect about that and many other things :)
Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
The following is from their "website"/fb page. Its the lunch menu for today, just so you see the ratio of meat to veg items, the one veg item is not vegan. From there, they may delete it as they did their call to spam this board: Lunch Special: BLT with Mrs.Nunley's Potato Salad $ 5.50
Also serving.Tuna Salad,Chicken Salad,Spanikopita, Curly Kale Salad:Kale,Carrots,Hazelnuts,Raisins ,Feta,Basil,Olive Oil and Balsamic "i love this salad!" so fish, pig (always pig) and bird... I don't think this is as "veg-friendly" as it seems...
Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
Wanna hear something funny? Per their Facebook: "Our donuts are cholesterol & trans-fat free." Maybe someone should tell them about bacon and its "nutritional value".
Posted by kindlizard on Friday, February 22, 2013
In the heading it says "dairy and egg free". How's that? Quiche? Pizza? I don't think that is accurate, plus its misleading. I hate when places advertise a vegan element but a far from it. Despite what the owner posted on FB, I have never met her, nor am I the person she thinks I am. Give the other person a break, I am just a random vegan to you who saw atrocious things from your server, you and your abundance of meat. Those who came to your defense are not vegan and they come for your bacon gravy. can you get that on a salad?
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