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by gracep

Review: I'll start by saying that the food at this place is without a doubt good. I got the mezze plate (actually never ordered it, or anything, but we'll get to that in a minute) and it was great. It wasn't the best version of this kind of dish I've had, but it was still great. Okay, now to the point: the staff here do not speak English, and the menu does not have vegan options marked and is wholly in French. One woman there who did have English skill helped me for about two minutes...and then she was gone! In the space of that time I asked her very slowly if the mezze plate would be suitable for a vegan, to which she replied yes. I then asked what the salad of the ay was. She offered to show me. While that was happening, I noticed the grilled eggplant and then remarked that the mezze plate would be a good choice. After that the woman slipped into the back or something, and I didn't see her for the rest of the time I was there. I sat there for maybe 15 minutes or so, while the people around me, all of whom spoke French, were waited on before me, even though I arrived first. I wondered if the staff had forgotten me or were pretty much avoiding me because they didn't want to try to speak English. A bit later, the mezze plate was brought to me. When it was, I said to the men, "Ah, I actually haven't ordered." He just gave me a dirty look and said "I don't speak English." To be honest, I pretty much got the idea from his tone of voice and the look on his face that he could speak English but didn't want to. I was pretty let down because the other reviews of this place have been positive and as a vegan who doesn't speak French, I really needed a bit more info before I blindly ordered dishes. I'd wanted to order the large deal they offered--an entree, a main, a dessert, and a coffee or tea (at lunch time, not dinner) for 19 euros. Instead I left in a hurry after the mezze plate. I pretty much felt unwelcome and the staff paid literally no attention to me. They didn't ask if I wanted more food, they didn't ask if I wanted a drink. Hell, they didn't even ask me for my order. The food here is good enough for me to recommend, but in some way, I base my verdicts of places on whether or not the experience was good enough for me to want to go back. Here, it was a bad experience. I would say to go to the place if you are not vegan, but rather vegetarian, or alternatively if you can speak French or will be going with friends who can speak it. Otherwise, don't bother.


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