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by MarkUser

Review: Now THIS is how you spice food. Everything on the menu is incredibly tasty and the service is the best in town, period. I must say that I don't eat here as much as I would because the wheat gluten doesn't sit the best with me but I can recognize flavor when I taste it. Nothing on the menu is less than stellar. The Macaroni & Cheese, served piping hot on the spot, should put all dairy lovers in their place. My dad who can't stand vegan food, absolutely loved the veggie burger & I don't blame him. Their sides are incredible as well, try everything you can. I feel the need to go a bit in depth on the service here. So many places in town (and especially in Portland) have this holier than though lack of humility, as if you are just another customer standing in the way of their next cigarette break. This place warms my heart every time. The two owners are so generous and such sweethearts, they will give you recipes for sauerkraut, share a story, and all with a smile. You can tell when people are passionate about what they do, and this place has that and more in spades. Take notes every other restaurant/food cart in town, this is how it's done. I'd give this place 25 cows if I could. Beautiful! I wish them all the success and love in the world, they deserve it.


Posted by MarkUser on Monday, January 7, 2013
A bit of an update here. These guys moved to a basically hidden parking lot tucked away where there is no foot traffic. A recent conversation with the owner has me very very saddened, it seems his business is dying. All I can say is MOVE DOWNTOWN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. The reason noone is coming to you anymore (myself included), is because you are never open and it is miles out of our way to even try! Don't let the best veggie burgers on the planet die because of bad business sense!!! All of this is said with the utmost love and respect!!
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