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by ErinJanus

Review: I have to give Kindfood 5 stars. It's cruelty-free, it's organic, it's delicious. That's worthy of 5 stars. Their Buddha Bowl is so awesome, whenever I'm downtown Burlington... it's hard to not keep coming back for it. Regarding the opinions on it being pricey... I am eager to explore why people have the illusion that vegan/organic dining is SO much more expensive than conventional, when in many cases, it is not. Many get that doomful uncomfortable feeling when they reach into their wallet to pay for something that they know is vegan, organic... and happens to be $11 or $12. This happened with a family member I was with the other day. I go out and about with them a couple times a month, and we always have a good time. Swiss Chalet is the place they usually happily treat me to. But this time I said I'll treat, and suggested we go to Kindfood. I ordered two Buddha Bowls for us. "It's ten dollars!" they gasped. "It's okay, I'm paying for it." They had a twisted, conflicted look on their face. We sat down and after a while, a light bulb went off in my head. "Do you think Swiss Chalet is expensive?" I asked. "No." they said comfortably. "The veggie burger there that we both had last week was like $11. That's a dollar more than this. How come you don't think it's expensive?" They pondered and said, "Wow, you're right. And it wasn't even good." Later that day sitting in a coffee shop we wrote down all the awesome ingredients that were in the Buddha bowl, the approximate cost (organic), and concluded that the price is very fair! And, for how FILLING and CLEAN and NUTRITIOUS the food is, it's of more VALUE to your body than conventional greasy meals... and often very close or equal in price to the dishes of other restaurants. Seriously... why does someone overlook an $11 plate of greasy low-quality conventional fries and a non-fermented GMO soy burger at Swiss Chalet NOT expensive... but then an $11 organic nutrition powerhouse-plate 'pricey?' I've learned a big part of people's reluctance to choose organic/vegan food guilt-free is a totally false misconception that they've let sink into their subconscious minds. Next time you gasp at the price of an organic vegan meal... do the math, observe the nutrition and ingredients, and you might be surprised. Your opinion may completely change. :-) Anyways, back to the point... Kindfood rocks.


Posted by HealthyLifeOne on Sunday, September 28, 2014
We must support theses healthy restaurants !!
Keep bringing your friends away from places like that pathetic chicken at Swiss chalet. ( I use to think the tasty sauce, plumped up mini bird, fried nonorganic scary mini chip ettes were great fast Canadian food for price but nutritionally a big rip off - cant trust em they are doing everything to decrease quality of food, plump up the flavor with who knows what chemicals, to increase their profit) .
.People that look only at cost become miserable, slowly unhealthy, they neglect to see big picture.
The benefits of eating vegan to your health , the planet and your soul are worth every supporting penny. .
This place puts love in their name and you can feel it the food and place. Body happy and grateful after.
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