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by wrathofelvis

Review: Kind Foods is one of the best restaurants in the province of Ontario & THE best baked goods maker in the history of dessert (their vegan and gluten-free composition is largely immaterial to me but makes them that much more impressive and spectacular). I have no idea how anyone could have a negative experience at Kind Foods but I also remember overhearing someone in Tulum, Mexico complaining that the gorgeous beach "wasn't wide enough" so I suppose there are some people whose expectations cannot be met because, as people, they are defined by unmet expectations. In the one year that my wife and I have been living in Burlington, we have eaten there over 40 times (not even counting darting in for cupcakes or Mile-High Brownies) & we have NEVER been disappointed in the exceptional quality of the food or the flawless service. My wife is a vegetarian; I am not. That said, I will continue to eat at Kind Foods (even after we leave Burlington) for one reason: their food is un-@#$*ing-believably good. I can say without fear of dissent that the Kind Foods "Reuben" is beyond reproach...artfully grilled and pickled Tempeh, the absolutely perfect complimentary portion of organic sauerkraut (if you've ever experienced "sauerkraut overkill", you know what I'm talking about), a homemade Russian dressing that will make you believe in sandwich condiments again on the most decadent, gorgeous toasted bread you have ever consumer in your ENTIRE LIFE...sorry for is THAT good. I find myself making mildly erotic-sounding "joy noises" & barely restraining myself from gleefully cursing "What a brilliant #$%*ing sandwich!" And this is BEFORE dessert, which is why they are famous. Anyone who has ever eaten vegan, gluten-free attempts at dessert can tell you that, although their intentions are good, rarely do they get it right. Previously, when I've had gluten-free, vegan brownies, cupcakes, pound cake or cookies, there is always an aftertaste that just doesn't belong...something medicinal, cabbage-y and crumbly that just doesn't work and makes you empathize with Celiacs. At Kind Foods, their cupcakes are FLAWLESS, inventive and rich. Dulce De Leche that is (somehow) dairy-free but impossibly rich, moist and decadent. rich Red Velvet cupcakes that actually ive up to their name. Add to this staff (and an owner!) that are charismatic, authentic, knowledgable and more than a little adorable & you have an unmatched, magical food experience. A bajillion @#$%ing stars!


Posted by KellyChilds on Saturday, August 25, 2012
Wow! What an incredible review!!!! Best EVER I'd say... Thank you so much for loving us and feeling what we do.
No words could ever express how grateful I am for you taking the time to surround us with tons of love....:) Random acts of kindness make the world a better place.

Kelly Childs
P.S. Please say hi to me next time you're in. Please.
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