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by willynwendy

Review: went there last Friday, 25th. we sat at an high table right in front of the bar which was totally dirty and wet. We were there about 20 minutes and during that time no service was ever offered. In the meantime the 2 girls working there lost most of their time chatting with a friend that arrived careless about the costumers and served second rounds to tables from clients that were already there before we arrived, but never for a second cared to help us or clean the table up. more than that, the girls noticed we were there and laughed at the situation between the two of them. Nowhere in the bar in any language whatsoever was it written that it was supposed to be self-service at the bar and they served other tables personally, even if it was they could at least care to clean the table. when they opted to serve other patron that arrived moments before and sat behind us, we decided to pack our things and go. there was an advertisement for a beer they sell, saying it was the beer punks drink. I doubt any punk would ever drink at this place, the beers were more than expensive and the bar had a bourgeois kind of feel where it seems to be hip to be at. I would give it a 0 rate but it seems the lowest I am allowed is 2 cows (?)


Posted by bluszcz on Thursday, January 23, 2014
I have to add, that after spending several days at Catbar - unfortunately I have same impression like willynwendy.

On the other side - I believe that this placed is beloved by local veggie youngsters, who perhaps enjoy place even more because of 'distorted environment' :)

I would say, that staff is like mermaite 'you can love it or hate it'.
Posted by manulaX1 on Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Usually I'm not rude like this, but since I have been at CatBar at exactly the same day (yes, also on 25th when they have closed) I'd like to add following:

I absolutely can not understand willynwendy and her (his?) drama-queen bahaviour. Just because the gals and guys at the CatBars did not (metaphorically) roll out the red carpet for you, doesn't mean it's alright to discredit them in any way possible - and even complain that you can't even rate them lower.

Next time, just open your mouth if they don't get it in first place that you're here. It's not a four-star restaurant. It's a bar with vegan food run by punk rockers.
Posted by CatBarCat on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
We have a 4 year old customer, she comes in, finds an empty bar stool, climbs onto it, then stands on top of it, attracts the bar staffs attention, by speaking, and asks for a juice and cake,

as you said "yes I knew it was bar, the description is indeed quite clear about it."

so we are curious about what you expected the bar staff to do for you, to get you to order a drink, which presumably was your reason for being in the bar area,
you knew who the bar staff were, and where they were, but didn't order anything?
Posted by willynwendy on Wednesday, October 16, 2013
I am the one who is not served, therefore I am rude. You just proved me right, so said punks do not go to your bar to have beer, they are given it for free even if theoretically that is not entirely true.

Thank you for checking my profile and lurking on my other reviews, I hope that was insightful for you and your business. It is a pity though that your reading and understanding skills are poor for if you read my review on Veggie Garden carefully you will notice that I never wrote it was expensive but rather that I thought it was a fair price. In retribution, I must express my gratitude for your economical insight and prophesying on Prague and Barcelona, even though you clearly have no clue of what you are talking about.

Now you already talked with your staff and they know all about it. Then tell them they should clean the tables and that to say hi to their friends, bring them food in a bag from the kitchen and talk with them about life does not qualify as greeting the patrons or offering to help.

As another reviewer already posted, you are not a restaurant and you are listed in the wrong category. You are a bar and you should be under Stores n' More. In that way you would never have been on my list and I would never have been curious to visit your place. And yes I knew it was bar, the description is indeed quite clear about it.
Posted by CatBarCat on Tuesday, October 15, 2013
The kitchen staff are "punks" not slaves
They do things away from the bar, a tattooist, T-shirts maker, artist, welder, clothes designer.
They decide when to work, the hours they work, what to cook.
Everyone in CatBar gets paid the same, plus all get free beer and food.
If all the staff want to attend an event, we close the bar, as on the 25th,
we closed on 12thOCT as the "punk" staff didn't want to come into town while there were fascist demonstrators in the area and risk being attacked by them.

I respond in the way I'm addressed, and giving 2 stars because you were incapable of buying a beer in 20 minutes, in a bar that holds 24 people with 2 bar-staff, when everyone else could, especially when you were sitting right next to the bar, is rude.
You think 8.25€ for a 3 course meal with wine is expensive, but for portions of 3 vegan ice-creams it's cheap.
You visited another vegan place, the cheapest, and complained that some of the food was cold, but didn't ask for another plate, which would have been supplied immediately.
You compare prices in Barcelona with Praha, but prices are half in Praha in comparison, but it will soon be equal.

You found us on HappyCow where the description says :-
Cat-themed craft beer bar with 9 taps and 30+ bottles of mainly local Catalan & BrewDog Beers. Serves a selection of vegan food mainly burgers plus wheat-free options.. LIMITED table service.
Do we match up to our description 4 stars, exceed the description 5 stars, Wrong description 2 stars !!!!

Since my 1st response I asked them,
both bar-staff did say Hi to you but you carried on talking to your partner and ignored them,
they passed you to take other orders and you didn't say anything.
They prepared beer 1 metre from you and you said nothing.
They kept looking at you from the bar to see if there was any sign you wanted to order but you indicated nothing. We are here to sell you stuff.

The "Friend" on HappyCow means we help fund this site
Posted by willynwendy on Sunday, October 13, 2013
I appreciate the method that you keep of responding the rudest way possible to any negative review to your place. Yes, I meant the 27th but we also passed the 25th to find it closed. When we came in the table was already clearly vacant for a long time and the way your waitresses acted has no excuse. Also, I am an individual that is quite distinguishable from any other that might have sited in that table before us.

The menu board stated nothing besides beers' prices. We live in the Czech Republic where are literally hundreds of "handicraft" beers, as you say, and mini breweries and not even the most expensive in a similar place like yours is half the price as the cheapest one you had in your board. Do not tell me it is a Catalunya thing because luckily I was able to visit other places than your excuse of a bar and there were the same kind of beers for half the price, and no I am not talking about street sellers.

I also appreciate the way you distinguish punks as the slaves working in your kitchen, presuming that then they spend their slavery money in the bar after they finish cleaning your dishes. You guys clearly live off the fact that you state "Vegano" at the entrance and many people like us got you as the first entrance here on HappyCow because you are labelled as "friends".
Posted by CatBarCat on Sunday, October 13, 2013
I presume you mean Friday 27th Sept as we were closed on the 25th.
The tables are cleaned between every customer, so you must have sat at a table that had just been vacated and the staff didn't realize you were different people, but you didn't say anything for 20 minutes???
The menu board states "you can be served at your table, but going to the bar is quicker", but even so you still have to indicate you want serving, one way to do this is by speaking to the staff, another is waving, we stopped using ESP.
Many customers continue to sit at their table, talking, even after paying and finishing their drinks, even after their glasses are taken away, its rude to do so in many countries, but normal in Catalunya, but we don't disturb them unless we need the table, even then we only ask them to move to the bar area, and as you were in the bar area you were left alone.
One of our 8 craft beers is called BrewDog PUNK IPA, we sell it cheaper than any other bar in town, if you want cheap crap beer ask the street sellers, there is also a bar in Poland that sells PUNK cheaper than us.
The Punks do drink in the bar, especially after they finish work in the kitchen, unless there is a concert or party in their squat.
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